Police activity near American High School

If you were driving near American High School today about 2 p.m., you probably noticed the large number of police officers roving the area. Police detained at least 20 people and stopped an apparent gang fight before it started.



  1. Stupid gangs ruining life here in Irvington as well. I sure wish it was a the major campaign issue but since we do not have district elections the candidates don’t even mention it because it’s not near their homes

  2. Time to vote out the status-quo politicians who are not talking about increase in crime i.e gangs, burgalaries, graffiti and other violent crime. Fremont slipped from the 6th livable city to th 60th in a span of 4 years under Wasserman’s Mayorship. Based on Wasserman’s 4-year record, he does NOT deserve

    Well, Wieckowski might blame the failed Utility Tax Proposal. What about the developments that are supposed to bring in extra revenue. All the money is going towards salaries,pensions etc due to bad fiscal management policies by the City Manager and lack of oversight by the City Hall. All starts with Mayor Wasserman who is a life-long bureaucrat and will protect his own flock.

    Time to send Wasserman home on Nov 4th.

  3. I live right by American, graduated there too. There is a HUGE gang population in the area. House fences up and down Nicolett are taged on a regular basis to claim the area. Minimal police presence during off school hours allow them to nest. Los Cerritos Park needs to be a target area. Calls to FPD usually have a 20-40 minute response time because a report of gang activity without violence is not priority. It’s only a matter of time before a rival carload drives through the area and bulletts start flying into kitchens, family rooms, and bedrooms. I suppose someone will address the problem then.

  4. I guess these must be some of the “lumpenproletariats” Charles was referring to.

    I’ll save you the trouble of looking it up.

    Dictionary.com’s definition:
    “The lowest, most degraded stratum of the proletariat. Used originally in Marxist theory to describe those members of the proletariat, especially criminals, vagrants, and the unemployed, who lacked class consciousness.”

  5. There are a number of issues here, in my mind.

    1) The root of lumpenproletariat terror is state mandated low income units in housing developments and the penchant for developers to build apartments/rent farms. Until state law is amended, I suggest we place a moratorium on large scale development for a number of reasons, one being the problems of crime that low income units bring. Also, we should let rents go up to run the criminal class out of Fremont. Let them migrate to liberal cities where city leaders promote rent control. Also, remove free welfare counseling from our city budget. If this is done at all, it should be private and nonprofit. Our city government should not promote living on the dole.

    2) The problem with increasing police are more taxes. We have so many problems, we just have to get out of this mentality at throwing or raising more money for it. The hard, cold fact is this: the pot is empty! Now we can go two ways. We can raise property taxes (since growth and therefore sales tax will shrink), or we can cut back government. Maybe we need to get creative? I say we retire out police and maintain a small crew of highly trained professionals who coordinate and supervise a larger volunteer force of deputized citizens.

    If crime is as bad as people are claiming on this blog, then there should be no shortage of volunteers. Let neighbors protect neighbors. They will likely want police assistance, so make it available to them. But you can’t have both by asking police to both respond to calls AND conduct beat patrols. In areas totally out of control, place a curfew. If kids are coming into neighborhoods and tearing things up at night, then put a check point at the entrance of the street. I’d help organize all this. I believe this would solve the problem because…

    3) …things get out of control when you fail to send a message. This is also true of our borders. The best crime prevention, often, are well maintained properties and street/sensored lighting. Where this fails, you got to get more serious.

    The reality is: in a shrinking economy we can’t rely on government. The resources are not there. We can either give government more power, or we can empower neighbors, decentralizing power. What are you going to do to protect yourself that first half hour while you are awaiting the city to save you? Do you own a gun? Do your neighbors know what’s going on? Are they scared of children, or if they see something are they willing to come to help?

    Those first 30 min can be life or death. You can’t rely on government, so better to be prepared than sorry. If eliminating affordable housing sounds cruel, then you better be willing to find a creative solution to crime because it’s not going to get better. The floodgates of urbanism have been opened, but do you want to help close them? It’s not too late.

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