Chronicle on Fremont mayoral race

Can’t say I recall council members saying that the current A’s plan would cause traffic nightmares.

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Matt Artz


  1. Fremont ought to do an economic analysis of the scenario where the A’s ballpark is approved and it causes Toyota to shut down Nummi. I’m not saying that is going to happen, or even that it’s the most likely scenario, just that it’s got a high enough probability so that the City ought to be aware of the economic consequences.

  2. What happens to Lowes and Costco and the auto dealerships on game days ? How much revenue do they project to lose as a result of being cut off from their customers on game day. Who in their right mind would try to head over to Lowes to purchase that new lawnmower when you know A’s traffic has the area effectively gridlocked ?

    I cant believe that the businesses that will not cater directly to game attendees can be feeling good about effectively losing patrons during game days. I suppose they could sell parking spaces for $30 a pop. . . .

  3. It looks like Bob Wasserman is getting retired by Fremont voters on Nov 4. He is not able to campaign effectively and voters are not responding positively during his interaction with residents. So, it is a race between Gus Morrison and Steve Cho. Some people are not even aware if Wasserman is contesting elections given that his campaign signs with the blue background are not visible at all. People are wondering what he is doing with $150K money that his developer friends and outside interests contributed to his campaign. In the end, it is going to be a washout for Mr. Wasserman who has got a terrible 4-year record.

  4. Peter may be right. The campaign for mayor and council has been hard pressed to rise above the noise of the national races. Morrison seems to be the one most energetically pursuing answers. He always did do his homework.

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