Tri-City gang stats

I attended a gang and drug awareness info meeting at Washington High last night, put on by members of the Fremont PD and Southern Alameda County gang task force. Here are a few stats I picked up from the meeting:

* There are 3,105 known gang members in Fremont, Newark, Union City and parts of Hayward as of last month.

* About 98 to 99 percent of these gang members reside here.

* About 230 of these gang members are 14 to 17 years old.

* Some gang members are as young as 9 years old.

Linh Tat


  1. The gang unit needs to be out of the press to make a difference. Did FPD say what their game plan was?

  2. Hey Adam, the speakers didn’t really get into a discussion of what authorities would do to address the problem. The meeting was more about what signs parents should look for if they suspect their children of doing drugs or being involved in a gang.

  3. The proper definition for these criminals is insurgents! Check websters dictionary and Blacks Law dictionary to help make this important transition. The city attorney for Fremont, Harvey Levine, needs to come out of his $300 thousand dollar a year cacoon and follow the example of San Jose and use the civil court system and the R.I.C.O. Act to eliminate the problem. The reason they live in Fremont is because they know it is safe haven. Add to that the incompetant and destructive police chief in Fremont at 300 thousand a year, Craig Stekler, and it is no surprise our crime rate is multipling and still growing. It will get worse until the city council is rotated to new people. See http://www.alanstirlingforfremont.org and ask yourself if anything in Fremont is better than it was two years ago.
    Where do 5 grown men and a women violate the open meetings act, get caught, waste $150 thousand dollars of tax money to defend, then lose all the way to the State Supreme Court, have to pay the citizen petitioner all his expenses and attorney fees, and still dont apoligize the the public for being expensivly ignorant? Answer: Fremont.
    We have a chance throw two of these miscreants out of office. Wasserman and Wickowski did the dastardly acts and must be voted out because of it.

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