Story on Wasserman’s campaign interns

The Mecury News has finally posted the full story on Mayor Wasserman’s internship program that apparently violated the education code.

To read the story click here.

Matt Artz


  1. Wow. The article made it seem as though it’s a thing of pride not to have students involved on campaigns.

  2. Mayor Wasserman could always get a Lawyer.
    Hey Y cow ski is his buddy and He is a Lawyer, or is He also implicated since they have joined forces in there political campaign.


  3. One would think that, as a former Police Chief, Bob would have at least a passing interest in remaining on the right side of the law. Apparently self-interest trumps anything else in Bob’s style of politics. Isn’t that how things started to change in Wasilla? And what at stand-up guy – he’s “too busy” to fess up personally to what he’s done. Shameful.

  4. One would think that anyone who possesses great respect for the law would make some kind of gesture of responsibility and apology.

    Maybe this occurred with no malice and maybe there’s no formal “penalty” that is reinforced – after all, it’s only a violation of the education code – – – – which I’m certain diminishes the significance in some peoples’ minds.

    But wouldn’t you think that someone from the Wasserman campaign would at least express apologies and make some attempt at taking responsibilty for this oversight ?

    Has anyone seen anything on this ?

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