The rally outside Washington Hospital

I’ve written a lot about Washington Hospital CEO Nancy Farber showing pictures of board candidates Ravi Johal and Evelyn Li at an Aug. 25 rally outside the hospital. Farber told the hospital board that the rally was to support Li’s movie, “Life for Sale,” even though it was organized by a member of the California Nurses Association to protest nurse staffing levels.

I was at the rally for about an hour. Here’s what I wrote about it then, and what follows is a bit of a chronology of events from my end.

I was informed of the rally the previous week by CNA State Board Director Robert Marth. On the morning of the rally, at about 7 a.m., Evelyn Li left me a voicemail telling me about it as well. I was busy getting ready to interview City Council Candidate Linda Susoev at a Jack in the Box on Fremont Boulevard.

I spoke to two CNA representatives at the rally, Marth and Tim Jenkins.

There were no full-time Washington nurses at the rally when I was there. I spoke to a part-timer and a former Washington Hospital nurse.

The two CNA representatives clearly had concerns about the hospital. Jenkins compared the administration to the mafia. Marth, in a later phone interview, likened it to the Nazis.

I did see Li there, along with several people holding up signs for her movie. I didn’t see Johal there.

Johal said he stopped by for about 15 minutes, and that he wanted to show support for the nurses.

Marth said that Johal came to the rally to see him, not Li, who, he said, showed up unannounced. “I organized it for the nurses,” Marth said.

Matt Artz


  1. I never met Mr Marth before that rally. Mr Marth called me on Friday August 22nd and introduced himself. He saw the movie and my interview in it . He discussed the issues facing the hospital. He told me he is having a rally in front of the hospital in support of workplace issues concerning nurses which effect patient safety. He clearly told me that he did not want to be associated with the movie or Dr Evelyn LI in any way .
    He wanted to meet me and told me that he will be present on Monday demonstrating in front of the hospital. During the lunch time on Monday I walked across the street from my office to the hospital. I saw two separate groups demonstrating One group of nurses with Mr Marth on the left side of the footpath facing the hospital with placards and ten feet away another group of demonstrators on the right side with placards with movie Life for Sale. There was no communication between the two groups
    I met Mr Marth and introduced myself . We discussed about healthcare issues in the nation and also Washington Hospital administration in particular.. At this time Mr Johal joined us with his assistant . We had a chat about the issues for total of 20 minutes. At no point we communicated with the demonstrators who were associated with movie life for sale.
    At this point a security guard of the hospital showed up and started taking pictures of Mr Marth myself and Mr Johal.
    From what I understand Ms Farber showed the photographs in public board of directors meeting and projected that we all did together with Dr LI
    This is a lie.
    Hospital spokesman made a comment that I am in concert with Dr Li and I am trying to undermine the confidence of the hospital . This is a lie as I believe that Washington hospital is a good hospital . I have used this hospital for my personal and family needs. I have worked there for 25 years and have close professional relationships with physicians and Nurses
    I have not contributed anything to Mr Johal . I never saw or communicated with him before or after this event.
    Coming up with grand conspiracy theories connecting me , Mr Marth and Mr Johal is political strategy to prevent legitimate discussion about the way the hospital is run.

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