Washington Hospital campaign mailer

For context regarding some of the recent comments about Washington Hospital, here is the  mailer that the political action committee, Friends of Washington Hospital, sent out about the two challengers running for the hospital board. Click on it to enlarge it.

As mentioned here previously, the PAC was set up by Mike Wallace who is both the chairman of the hospital board of directors and the vice-chairman of Fremont Bank.

Wallace, who isn’t up for re-election to the hospital board, said he decided to look into Johal’s background after Hospital CEO Nancy Farber showed pictures of Johal at a rally that she and Wallace think was intended to promote Li’s movie “Life for Sale,” but was organized by a member of the California Nurses Association.

There is zero evidence that Johal has anything to do with Li or her movie. Nevertheless, some hospital board members have speculated that the two challengers are actually aligned.

“If (Johal) was an independent person, why does he want to take the same side as Evelyn Li,” Wallace said. “Every point where he has been asked to give his opinion about the movie, he’s been reluctant to disclaim it even through the physicians who were in it said they were duped.”

Fremont Bank does do business with Washington Hospital. The hospital’s spokesman didn’t know how much money it has there. I’ll ask again.

I haven’t had a chance yet to review the PACs contribution disclosure forms, which became available to the  public today. Wallace said the group has raised between $17,000 and $20,000, and that most of the contributions haven’t come from Fremont Bank employees.

Wallace sees nothing wrong with using the bank’s address as the official address of Friends of Washington Hospital. I asked Hattie Hughes, the daughter of the bank’s founder, Morris Hyman, what she thought about a partisan group using the same address as her dad’s bank. She said her dad loved the hospital and that the person to speak to was Wallace.

Matt Artz


  1. I apreciated you story
    “Washington hospital race gets nasty”
    in the Sunday Argus – not my favorite paper – you are probably just a contributor.

    The web link
    gives our sorry interaction with Washington Hospital –

    I was puzzled why the hospital seemed to suck so much,
    after watching “Life for Sale”, it seems to make sense.

    And I have no clue how Nancy Farber gets paid so much,
    $570,000 plus “business incentives”
    at latest count –

  2. It is evident that neither Farber does not want to lose her posse of the supposed board. That place is run based on egos and emotions rather than competency and caring for people.

    There is no accountablity, because at the end of the day no matter who performs and who does not, everyone takes home their pay check.

  3. Ms Farber the CEO is a employee of the district. She has no business interfering and trying to influence the outcome of the election. Can any one tell us whether she has broken any laws.
    First she shows photographs of candidates and tries to link them.
    Second she sends legal letter to theatres preventing them from showing the movie life for sale ( see posts by Mr Artz)
    Third she runs the movie round the clock in the hospital( video parlor in tax exempt public institution infringing copyright laws )announcing view times with accompanying letter encouraging people to see the movie to form” independent opinion.”
    Public are not allowed to form independent opinion. Only the people selected by Ms Farber are allowed see the movie and form opinion?
    Mr Wallace should be resigning from the board if any of the apposing candidates win. His mailer and letter shows that he is incapable of working with the apposing candidates if they win.

  4. Everyone needs to know that Dr. Li would be disastrous to the health community here. She hired her own daughter (Kimberly Zhou) and son (Alex Cheung) to make that movie and pretended not to be related to them when asked. (see previous articles)

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