Attacking Fortney

I wrote a story today about Forney “Pete” Stark’s race against Raymund Chui, who’s an insurance agent.
Chui sent me an email with a link to an esquire magazine piece that listed Stark as one of the 10 worst congressmen in the country, along with earmark junkies Ted Stevens of Alaska and John Murtha.

Stark isn’t too big on earmarks, but Esquire thinks he has a dirty mouth. Click here, to read the blurb.

For a more positive story, try this one.

Stark apparently keeps up on what is said about him. When I mentioned the Esquire piece, he said a Chronicle columnist took a shot at him in a recent comment. He couldn’t remember her name, but it was Debra Saunders. Click here, to read it.

Matt Artz


  1. He’s been in way too long……..I can’t stand career politicans.Every state has them and I’m sick of hearing them. Fresh new people are what is needed. Sorry to ruffle all the Stark people.

  2. I have heard Pete Stark on KGO radio a few times in the last year and he always sounds like a raving, senile, out of touch politician.

    I have NO idea why he keeps getting re-elected.

  3. Esquire Magazine, at the sad end of its existence, can find nothing better to do than harp on one of the best representatives in the US. better they should have stuck with the Dubious Achievement Awards.

    Pete Stark speaks for me. his votes in Congress are consistently aligned with my ideas and values. the only things Esquire could come up with to diss Pete were his tenure and his refreshing candor. i doubt if the writer even took a look at Rep. Stark’s voting record.

    Raymond Chui is a joke, at least i surmise the same from his website.

    Rep. Stark has my vote.

  4. Nummi is shutting down. Another great achievement for Stark.

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