Friends of Washington Hospital

Friends of Washington Hospital, the PAC formed by Fremont Bank exec Mike Wallace, which sent out that negative campaign flier reported $14,895 in contributions.

Wallace, who is also chairman of the hospital board was the biggest contributor, donating $2,500 to the committee. Other well-known contributors are as follows:

Fremont Council Candidate Sue Chan – $250
Her husband Steve Chan – $250
Hospital Board Member Bernard Stuart – $1,000
Former Hospital Board Member Don Amsbaugh – $250
John and Bernadine Dutra – $500
The wife of fomer Union City Mayor Tom Kitayama, Heidi Kitayama – $100
Washington Hospital CEO Nany Farber and her Husband Peter Szekrenyi – $250
Kristi Yamaguchi’s parents Jim & Carol Yamaguchi – $250
Developer Jack Balch – $400
Several doctors at the hospitals also donated.

Matt Artz


  1. Can you please tell us who are the doctors who contributed to friends oF Washington Hospital (nee friends of Ms Farber CEO) ?
    It will interesting to find how many of them are receiving desserts from the hospital. Probably they think that their honeymoon days may come to the end if there is a change in board of directors.
    Will the coterie meet defeat in elections? Probably not. Things probably will go on the same way. It is difficult to defeat money power.
    The public will keep on paying exorbitant hospital bills with increasing executive salaries

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