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I kind of saw this coming after Yamaguchi donated to Chan’s campaign. I’m guessing there’s a dental connection between the two. Yamaguchi’s dad is a dentist and so is Chan’s husband.

Reminds me, I really need to start flossing.

The Yamaguchis have been active in city politics this year. Kristi gave to Chan and mom and dad donated to the group that produced mailer attacking two Washington Hospital challengers.

Matt Artz


  1. I received this mailer, and it is certainly impressive, the number of endorsements Sue has, celebrity or otherwise. All good for her, and clearly a sign that many people think she would be an excellent Council member.

    In the inside, there is a nice photo of Hands Around the Lake, the opening ceremony of Celebrate Fremont. The caption is “As Vice-Chair of Celebrate Fremont, Suzanne Chan brought together everyday Fremont residents from all neighborhoods…”

    It’s true, Sue was Vice-Chair. However, I think it would have been more appropriate (and even humble) to say “…Suzanne HELPED BRING together…” Sue was not the person who conceived of or organized Hands Around the Lake. Doug Tinney was the man behind that.

    In addition, Sue was one of a Steering Committee of 2 dozen people, who ALL HELPED bring together the people of Fremont. I was on that Steering Committee, and I know that many people put in a lot of hours to make that event a success. I don’t want to discredit Sue’s work on the event, just comment that her materials are not completely accurate in their representation. I think that someone running for office could perhaps be more sensitive to sharing credit where credit is due, especially on a city-wide event.

  2. Well said Lisa!
    I received the mailer too and I was surprised to see her take credit for what was planned and executed by a large number of people across the spectrum of Fremont that worked arduously over a year or so to pull off Celebrate Fremont.
    I am also surprised by her use of the “celebrate fremont” email list for her campaign.

  3. Actually, we worked arduously over TWO years, starting in November of 2004, to plan an event that took place in September of 2006. And yes, if you count the steering committee (about 20), and all of the extended committee members & volunteers, it was probably 200+ people.

    Re: the CF mailing list, there were only 4 people who had the ability to send to that extensive distribution list (I know, I managed the website & e-mail for the event). Those people signed up for the list because they wanted info about CF. I think Sue overstepped her bounds in using it for any other purpose.

  4. An impressive piece, yet the picture with Liz Figueroa is circa 1990s? Do her campaign folks know how to use the net to get an updated picture of the former state senator.

    And I know Kristi Yamaguchi is a hometown hero but how many times did they have mention Dancing with the stars?

    Finally on policy issues, her website and mailers are very very lean on any substance. Instead of spending time on the gaggle of Youtube videos, perhaps she should spend sometime putting some meat on what should be more important in her website namely, her platform. It’s nonexistant besides the run of the mill campaign slogans everyone has.

    For someone who has so much community knowledge and experience, i expected much more. I’ll be voting for candidates other than Sue Chan.

  5. Yamaguchi is more like a hometown celebrity than a hero.. do people realize she donated to Mitt Romney?

  6. Here is some info on who donated to Suzanne Chan.

    Dutra Family and Associates Campaign Contributions to Suzanne Chan

    July-September 2008*

    John Dutra

    Bernadine Dutra

    Lisa Dutra

    Dominic Dutra

    Diana Dutra

    Tony Dutra

    Dianna Dutra

    Ann Marie Dutra

    John J. Dutra

    Cynthia Dutra Brice

    Peiffen Liao (CFO of Dutra Enterprise)

    Alan Cerro (Partner of Dutra Cerro Graden)

    Landis Graden (Partner of Dutra Cerro Graden)

    *From Form 460 filed October 2008 with Fremont City Clerk. $500 is maximum allowed contribution.

  7. From what I have read from my fellow readers I have learned that if you have ever stepped over your own party lines and choosen to support a Moderate Republican (heaven forbid) than your status goes from “Hometown Hero” to only a “blah celebrity”…Thanks for clearing that all up for everyone! Seriously?!

    And the Sue Chan mailer hardly took ALL the credit, but showed her involvement and why shouldn’t she tell people that she was apart of something as cool as “Hands” or Celebrate Fremont! Also, what is up with posting the addresses of the Dutra’s? A bit overkill and ridiculous in my opinion. So the Dutra’s happen to be friends, endorsers, and gave money to Sue’s campaign…that’s what you do when you think someone is the MOST QUALIFIED for the job -YOU SUPPORT THEM with your time (by volunteering) and with money. It isn’t a secret that running for office cost money and lots of it!

  8. Also, after thoughtful consideration I think that 20 years of volunteer work in the community of Fremont is plenty of “meat”!! Voting for Sue is the way to go!

  9. Sorry, I don’t consider a hero to be a washed up old celebrity who went on dancing with the has-beens. But, hey, that’s just me.

    And Mitt Romney is hardly a “moderate” Republican, dear. It just goes to question Yamaguchi’s choices for politicians.

  10. Hey – anyone see the Obama-Mama mailer that showed up today? Not sure if I can upload it here.
    One side shows a picture with the slogan “Obama and Mama”
    and head shots of Obama with Sue Chan. I hope the Obama campaign has endorsed this mailer!

    The other side says “Lifelong Democrat”.
    Do most lifelong democrats go around claiming to be one?


  11. Fremont A’s Says:
    October 30th, 2008 at 6:27 pm
    Nice one Zuhal!

    Was that in reference to me? If it is, I think you’re mistaken.

  12. After getting the Obama piece, I had to chime in again.

    now Ms. Chan is claiming she’s an agent of change ala Obama? How does she equate herself as being for change? She’s a planning commissioner, ties to the Dutra family, can you get any more “inside”?

    That’s what I meant by saying there is no “meat” to her campaign. Policy-wise she has yet to delineate what she’s for other than the normal campaign slogans that most candidates share.

    Now she wants to stand for “change”? Please explain how she is going to be change?

    I don’t discount or undervalue her 20 odd years of community service, but we should be electing the best candidate. And to me her campaign has yet to anything more than window dressing. And again for someone who has some much experience, that’s very disappointing!

  13. Hi “Relatively New”, since you are New to Fremont, I’ll give you some context.

    The current city council regularly ignores citizen concerns time and time again. An example is the water park built for millions of millions of dollars, with exhorbitant entrance fees (season passes are the same as Great America!). That is a source of pride for council. Where does that money to build the water park come from? Well we can’t quite fully fund the police department, there are potholes all over the city, and schools are over crowded.

    Sue Chan has pledged to actually listen to citizens and take their concerns. THAT is a big change, and I’m excited for when she gets in.

  14. Fremont A’s – nasty move on your behalf by putting out someone’s name on these blogs and accusing Diamond of being someone she is not. Matt Artz should reveal who you really are for that disgusting move of yours.

  15. Sue Chan has chosen to advertise photos of herself with famous people (photoshopped or otherwise) in lieu of discussing the issues important to Fremont residents. That’s not change.

  16. Fremont A’s used “lol.”

    Ok this must be a kid hence his/her lingo and immature tactics.

  17. I’m so jealous, I think I’ll go photoshop a picture of myself next to Obama.

  18. Thanks Helping the New for YOUR articulation of how Sue Chan represents change. It would be great if her or her campaign was able to spend some time doing that herself.

    Funny you mentioned the water park. She was on the planning commission when it was approved. Did she not look the cost of building and maintaining this park and understand the revenue generated necessary would parlay into high entrance fees? I would be interested to know how she vote on this project as planning commissioner and if she had asked any tough questions about the project.

    Finally, i would think 99.9% of all political candidates pledge to listen to their constituents. This is not unique to Sue Chan. Had her or her campaign taken the time to take this pledge a step further by actually saying how she would do this perhaps this pledge might be different ala change. For example, eer campaign pieces or website could have stated, Sue will hold coffee hours around the city to make more accessible to residents. Yet all there is a statement that every candidate pledges. So I continue to say, there’s no substance to Sue Chan’s campaign. And that is why I will not vote for her.

  19. I had thought that most of the political pundits had “exited stage left” after the Artz/Thamasbi faux pas.

    Glad to see that we haven’t completely alienated all of the marketeers – always a lot of fun to have folks who possess the character to toss around levity and comedy in their campaign tactic. Hopefully there is some substance out there for the electorate to consider as well.

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