No Fremont mayoral talk on KGO

Say what you want about the A’s, their ballpark plans for Fremont nearly catapulted the mayoral race into the big time. KGO talk show host Ron Owens wanted to get the city’s three mayoral candidates on the air today to talk about the A’s plan.
Gus Morrison and Steve Cho agreed to the participate, Bob Wasserman did not, said the program’s producer Mark Silverman. KGO wasn’t fully committed to the segment anyway, but it probably would have happened if all three candidates been willing to go on the air, he said.

Matt Artz


  1. After getting caught with his recruiters in our public schools, do you really think Bob Wasserman has the stones to show up for a program where he can’t control the issues? His #1 objective these days is to carry water for the A’s, and that kind of activity is best done under cover, not in a public venue like a KGO interview. Fremont needs a real Mayor who isn’t afraid of public scrutiny. We had one for years, and he’s willing to come back. Let’s take advantage of our good fortune and put Gus Morrison back in office.

  2. So far I am not impressed by what our mayor is doing for Fremont. Besides the fact that he continues to receive retirement pension for being a Fremont Police officer and mayoral salary (both at Fremont tax payer expense), I really don’t think we are getting our monies worth in this regard. Gus had his chance and has not proved to me that he is worthy of another vote. I think I will go with Cho this time around.

  3. Mayor Wasserman does not deserve a vote as he does not want to talk publicly about any issue, not only A’s
    Time to send him home.

  4. My impression of Wasserman is he endorses any entity that endorses him and can get him elected. He says so many contradictory things it’s incredible. It’s like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about or is half-senile. Sorry if this is harsh, but that was how I honestly reacted to him at the forums. This guy is Mayor? Sheeesh! Maybe a grade-lower than old Bill Ball…?

  5. Charles, don’t forget Leon Mezzetti. He was known to pack a handgun at council meetings.

  6. Dear Doug,

    haha.. funny.

    OK. You trust the government and lazy police to take care of you. Usually when economic uncertainty hits people want security and safety from the state. The powers you defer from yourself to them never reverse themselves. I understand where you are coming from… you’re scared and want a protector. It’s ok doug.

  7. Dear Charles,


    I was simply reminiscing about Fremont mayors of the past after you mentioned Bill Ball.

    I have no idea what the heck you are trying to say.

    Do you take meds?

  8. No. maybe I need meds… 🙂

    OK. Took it wrong. Sorry. Just use to hearing a lot of anti-second amendment stuff, so made a hasty conclusion.
    sorry again.


  9. There’s a recurring theme that we saw in the recent Niles presentation on Craig’s approach to dealing with Alarm responses. . . . . it’s a conscious disconnecting with people in the community – and I’m thinking that Mr. Wasserman also subscribes to this same philosophy.

    It feels like the idea might be to travel in safe controlled environments where counter-thinking has the least likelihood of emerging. . . . .Why engage in debate that has the prospect for revealing something difficult and uncomfortable ?

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