The powerful Cho, Part II

A reader pointed out to me that the instructor in Steve Cho’s martial arts video, Tae Yun Kim, has some interesting stuff posted about her online. The old tabloid show Inside Edition had a segment that questioned whether she was a cult leader

Check it out: The segment starts at about the 1:45 second mark

To be clear, I’m sure Steve Cho doesn’t have a cultish bone in his body, but after watching the video, I am tempted to ask whether he plans to change his name to Paul Newman, if elected mayor.

For another site critical of her, just click here.

If Cho is elected mayor, he wouldn’t be first in the Bay Area to have fraternized with Kim. Check out what nice things Willie Brown has to say about her in this video.

Matt Artz


  1. Hi, in your own words… “to be clear” Tae Yun Kim “doesn’t have a cultish bone in her body” either. If you watch to the end of the video you will find IE themselves claiming the same and even after an independant study! It would be more curtious to do some research before defaming persons on the public internet so quickly.
    Please remove your post defaming Tae Yun Kim. If you met her you would be ashamed for posting it.

  2. Hi
    just an FYI, that 1st video about Grandmaster Kim is from 1998. that’s 10 years ago! At the same time, there has been a TON of positive press & publicity over the years about Grandmaster Kim and she has been very successful in her life through her martial art, Jung SuWon, …people should see both sides of the story!
    check out some of these:


  3. I used to think that Tri-City-Beat was a reputable news place, however this reference to tabloids, and questionable websites made me re-think.

    Why don’t you instead report some relevant items, such as going to Tae Yun Kim’s school, or if you want to write about Steve Cho, go to his fundraisers.
    I am tired of hearsay tabloid things. Please stick to what you do best, which is reporting relevant news. If I want to read a tabloid, I’ll go and get a copy of National Enquirer.
    Thank you

  4. Oh please. What questionable website? No one has gone up there to refute anything. It is not hearsay it is people’s experiences. I’m sure all three of you even read this website before that article was posted.

    All he reported was that there were websites online that have some unkind things to say. he never said they were true or not. its not his job to prove anyone wrong. he is just reporting. stop attacking the messengers

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