Matt Artz


  1. walt…shouldn’t you be supporting the only GOP mayoral candidate?

  2. Holy Mackeral!

    Don’t mess with him! 🙂

    Cho endorsed scrutiny of businessmen who hire illegal workers while doing contract work with the city. He made that public at the Irvington Chamber of Commerce townhall.

    I respect that.

    Meanwhile, Morrison went the extra length to approach and remind me of the personal convenience of illegal aliens serving food in Fremont’s restuarants.

    I replied to Morrison, “nice slave labor, huh?”

    That was the second time Morrison said something like that to me. The first time it went over my head. He even sounded kind of emotional about it. Not sure. But I was surprised he dwelt on it.

    Because of my strong feelings about more development and the negative impact of the A’s stadium, I was inclined to vote for Morrison. After Morrison made the extra effort to give me PC non-sense, I support Cho, and I hope you do too. Cho surprised us (Minutemen), and we welcome his stance on this important issue of pro-America and labor rights.

    There are many important issues out there, but seeing the flood of democrat mailers it’s hard to get any message out. I am sure Morrison is similarly dispondent in this respect. Creativity is a plus in such scenarios. I don’t think a little Politically Incorrect sensationalism hurts either.

    Charles Bartlett

  3. Ohlone Board members Garret Yee and Bob Brunton can also be seen in the video.

  4. Fun!, Even in non-partisan races I give fellow Republicans my support. However, I don’t just vote for any candidate that has a (R) after their name. I vote for Republicans that stand for traditional Republican principals and that respect the US Constitution.

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