New Haven’s new Superintendent is …

Kari McVeigh, soon-to-be the former Superintendent of Beverly Hills Unified. Don’t know how much New Haven offered her to get her to leave the 91020 90210(thanks mike).

She starts in December.

Sheez, Andrea Zuckerman has to be like 45 now.

Matt Artz


  1. Did you mean 90210? 91020 is Montrose, CA, about 22 miles east.

  2. Wow, Beverly Hills to Union City. I think a TV sitcom is in her future.

    I can see the show’s opening scene, Ms. McVeigh in her Porsche Carrera convertible with the top down, all her worldly belongings strapped on the back, including her favorite Eames chair, driving down the middle of Alvarado Niles Blvd.

    Who can we get to write the shows opening music?

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