Old Shell Station still not a mini-mart

On Sunday, the deadline came and went for the owner of the old Shell Station at the corner of Thornton Avenue and Cabrillo Drive to turn his abandoned property into an shiny new mini-mart. You can see by this picture taken yesterday by our Bea Ahbeck that he didn’t quite make it.

In fact, Jim Hardwick is still at least more than a month away from finishing the building, not to mention the fact that he hasn’t yet signed up a tenant.

The ball is in the city’s court now. They can fine Hardwick up to $500 a day if they choose. Hardwick said he’s making a good faith effort, and that he would fight any new fines. Both sides are supposed to discuss it on Monday.

Matt Artz


  1. Well, comparatively speaking, he is farther along than the Centerville Redevelopment Project.

  2. I think if I’m Hardwick’s attorney and if the city tries to fine me, I think I just point to Centerville and tell everyone that I’m not guilty of anything that the planners and developers of the Centerville properties aren’t guilty of . . . .

    So, we’ll forgo the “penalties” because we’d be incriminating ourselves – which we can’t do – and in the meantime we could definately use the $500/day fines. . . . .

    Institutions eventually sink to the least common denominator. . . . . no/low expectations beget no/low results.

  3. I’ve lived across the street from that eyesore for over 5 yrs. Penalize him please!

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