Toll lane project underway

The Argus will have a story on this tomorrow. Here’s a report from KLIV – 1590 on your AM Dial.

Fremont- A groundbreaking ceremony was held in Fremont  today for the Bay Area’s first High Occupancy Traffic lane, otherwise known as a HOT lane.

CalTrans spokesperson Benjamin DeLanty says a HOT lane involves using a transponder. Under the program, participants will pay a fee, similar to Fastrak, allowing them access to the carpool lane. Someone traveling alone in their vehicle will be able to use the express lane and the toll will be collected through the transponder.

DeLanty says the hope is that the HOT lane will reduce congestion and help air quality. It also helps to shore up an important part of the transportation infrastructure.

The HOT lane will be on Highway 680 between Routes 84 and 237. The $37 million project is scheduled to be completed by 2011

Matt Artz


  1. I agree with Walter on this one. (Amazing) Why would we put in car pool lanes then add a HOT lanes and charge even more. This is funded by the tax payers – let us all use it. Also, why not take the money and just finish BART to San Jose – then we won’t be needing more lanes.

  2. Hey Matt Artz!

    I have a recommendation for you regarding your blog.

    I always hear so much about these “ELECTION-POLLS,” and how they lean one way or the another. One day they reflect one thing and the next day they project something else. Sometimes, I wonder how trustworthy they are because 1) I know that polls can be manipulated to get certain desired results and 2) I’ve never even had the chance to participate in one of these polls. Where do they poll these people?

    Matt, you should post some Tri-City-Beat Polls. You can have your local races and the national races too, even the props. Lets see how close our polls are to the November 4th results. KRON 4 is a good example to use.

  3. I believe John Dutra Sponsored this legislation to turn the the Sunol grade into a toll road lane.

  4. Many people on this blog wish to blame almost everything on John Dutra, but this project was conceived by the Alameda County Congestion Management Agency a long time ago and, if Dutra sponsored any legislation to enable it, he did so at the request of the locals, something any legislator will do when asked.

  5. I assume those carpoolers merging on to 680 at Mission will have to drive miles in traffic before they have an access point to the HOV lane, only to find that lane is fully congested.

    Since our state seems to have extraordinarily creative ways to acquire revenue, forgive me if I just run down the bond and funding measures this time around and reject every single one of them.

  6. As I recall the planning for the HOT lane, the profit is planned to be used to fund alternatives to the automobile in that corridor, specifically no to go to projects in other areas.

  7. “As I recall the planning for the HOT lane, the profit is planned to be used to fund alternatives to the automobile in that corridor”

    That seems like a very good way to get about 50 cent for every dollar put in. It’s almost if our transportation officials are trying to create funding problems by encouraging this complexity, i.e tolls funding ferry lines and trains.

    I suppose this is all an expired argument at this point. It’s a go with HOT lanes.

  8. Appalling. Just appalling. This nonsense about improving air quality is completely undermined by the continuing attack on the ability of working class people to travel freely. The price of environmental extremism is the continuing decline in the standard of living for working individuals. By constraining where houses can be built, where oil can be drilled, where factories can be constructed, and now where individuals can drive, these extremists are continuing to drive the quality of life for millions to the level of third-world countries.

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