(UPDATE) (UPDATE)Wasserman re-elected, Wieckowski, Chan win council race

All precincts are reporting.

Other races:

Bryan Gebhardt, Ivy Wu(incumbent) and Lily Mei were elected to the Fremont Unified School District

Kevin Harper(incumbent)  Michelle Matthews and Jonas Dino(incumbent) were elected to the New Haven Unified Board.

Measure UU passed.

Fremont voters actually passed a tax. Measure MM coasted to victory.

Teresa Cox ousted Bob Brunton from the Ohlone College Board, while Greg Bonaccorsi defeated David Sheen in a separate Ohlone race.

The incumbents Pat Danielson and Bill Nicholson were re-elected to the Washington Hospital Board.

Fremont Mayor

Candidate                              Votes                 %
Wasserman                            20,406               42.67             
Cho                                        15,429               32.26
Gus Morrison                         9,875                 20.65
Paul Reeder                            1,953                 4.08


Wieckowski                          22,223                27.67
Chan                                     16,709                20.81
Bacon                                    12,735                15.86
Tahmasbi                              11,773                 14.66
Montgomery                           3,922                4.88
Hou Leong                             3,873                4.82
Susoev                                   2,934                3.65
Bartlett                                   2,256                2.81

Matt Artz


  1. It’s so sad that Wasserman was re-elected. He and his council supporters have allowed Fremont to slip so much. The city’s best days are definitely behind it. I’ve lived here for 50+ years.

  2. This is great news, Wasserman thinks big, let’s not keep Fremont the way it was 50 yrs. ago, let’s move on and not be afraid of change. Wasserman will bring the A’s to Fremont and revitalize this city. I’m also proud of Chan, she’s refreshing and will energize the council.

  3. I agree with Rob Kay. It is disgraceful that Wasserman has won again. He is a corrupt ex police Chief who is best friends with the current police chief. Both are arrogant and belligerent. This attitude has trickled down to both the Police and Fire Depts. the cops yell at you when you call them for a burglary or other crime, they don’t come when a drunk driver hits your car, and of course most don’t live in Fremont to give a hoot about the town they supposedly protect. What $120,000 per year is not enough for the average cop of fireman? Wa Wasserman has never made an effort to get mass transit in order to have the A’s here. How are we to suppor this stadium without proper mass transit? Wasserman refuses to work with the School District to improve the schools to handle the excess population the A’s will bring. This guy is a joke. He is someone along with the Police Chief who always has an excuse not to do what is right for Fremont. Both of these buddies should retire with their full pension and leave the city to people that want to bring it to the 21st century. This is a joke.

  4. I was really hoping for a different result, but given the inclination of the Fremont voter to prefer the devil they know, I’m not surprised.

    I can only hope that people who support smart growth and reduced sprawl development remain active in attending council meetings and in whatever capacity might prevent Wasserman and his council from continuing to ruin Fremont.

    I voted for Vinnie Bacon and hoped that people might give him a chance given that he was the ONLY candidate with actual education in urban planning. I hope he stays involved in city politics and goes for it again in a couple of years.

    We have picked the Fremont City Council Persons to lead us into the Future with
    27.67% of the vote
    20.81% of the vote
    What is wrong with this picture, why not a run off, would this be allowed if we were a Charter City.
    I just do not understand how such a low % of the vote, can dictate Fremonts Future.
    Something is wrong here!

  6. I wanted to say what a pleasure it was reading your blogs and updates and talking with you about the Ohlone College Board race. I feel we ran an aggressive field and mailing campaign that paid off. I am very proud of Teresa and the community.

  7. Sour Grapes…take it for what it is. This is where you live. I’m making long term plans.

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