Post-election comments

No surprises so far, Wasserman wants to keep working on the A’s, Morrison said he’s done with running for elected office, and Bacon is reasonably happy with his showing.

Wasserman on the A’s and what he takes from his re-election

I think what it meant is that people were happy with what’s gone on the last four years and they want it to continue. And the A’s are part of it …

I want to follow the A’s, hopefully to an end that brings them here. That’s really the thing I want to work on.


Morrison said he surprised by the margin of defeat:

I started too late, and I chose to run against a guy whose not unpopular. I don’t know of anything I could have done differently to change the result.


He thought he lost a lot of votes from people who feared that a vote for him would have handed the mayor’s office to Steve Cho.


Vinnie Bacon said his strong showing, as well as Sue Chan’s, was evidence that community activism sometimes trumps big-name endorsements.

We were up against a tough bunch of people. I think we did well and we’re holding our head high.


Sue Chan, of course, is happy. She’s supposed to call me back soon. Hopefully Steve Cho and Trisha Tahmasbi will too.



Matt Artz


  1. I thought Morrison and Bacon would have had more of a positive impact. But, as this year’s trend with all elections, if Marty voted for you, you weren’t elected.

    There were some bright spots.

    Propositions that people did not understand were mostly rejected, as they should have been.

    Sierra Clubber Norman La Force lost his bid at EBRPD’s Ward 1 seat. The more pragmatic Whitney Dotson seems far less rigid and will hopefully work to expand park access. There was a similar result on the peninsula.

    WW passed ensuring that we will have more uninspiring ranch lands with bulldozed fire roads to enjoy.

    Prop 11 passed despite the 49.4 percent who value party affiliation above democracy.

    You don’t need to be old enough to drive to sit on our school board.

    There were some downs.

    Californians certainly covet their abortions more than their gay friends.

    WW passed handily, giving the board the impression that they are doing a good job.

    While seemingly noble causes, spending measures passed despite a deepening recession.

    Kieth Olbermann had a good day.

  2. The most interesting campaigns were Vinnie Bacon and Suzanne Chan’s.

    Vinnie ran against the machine, beating Trisha– a machine candidate. Suzanne Chan also did well. Vinnie’s had a well-organized one man campaign. He started early, learned from the prior election, and cobbled together a good base of supporters (who posted signs for him and rallied on the street corner) that if he’s smart, he’ll keep together. I noticed these supporters were the local peace adn justice group, so he tapped into an existing network which is good. This network has long been supporters of Morrison, so it’s not surprising that Morrison supporters also voted for Bacon. The vitality of this network was shown in their donations to the Morrison campaign. Still very much to be reckoned with?

    I unfortunately don’t know much about Suzanne Chan’s campaign. However, she’ll continue a moderately fiscally conservative presence on the council, left behind by Steve Cho. If ethnic blocs in Fremont exist, I wold guess by nature they are nonpartisan and somewhat conservative. ?

  3. Agreeing w/ Marty. WW passed and they haven’t even finished spending the last bond money they received. Yes, we’ll have more uninspired ranch land park with poor access. The Vargas plateau is an example of lousy park management.

    I also don’t understand how people can vote to put CA deeper in debt when our debt rating in already in jeopardy and we are in debt due to our extremely progressive tax structure. When Google has a bad year, CA goes into debt.

  4. The voters of Fremont have spoken. They have elected by a overwhelming majority of
    27.8%, for Wiekowski, 20.9% for Chan.
    With that overwhelming majority they will lead us into the future, decide our fate on many issues.

  5. Which would you rather have – “uninspired” ranch lands or cookie cutter townhouses shoved together cheek by jowl?
    If land isn’t protected, you can be sure it will be developed.

  6. Give me the ranch lands!!!

    Funny you should say uninspired. I can’t think of anything more inspiring than an open pasture hillside, brimming with mustard in the sun. The best part of Fremont is the tiny area of precious open space we have left. The Vargas plateau is an example of inspiring, aesthetic open space.

  7. To Fremont Bill,

    Since people get to vote for two candidates, the percentage of the vote council candidates got should actually be doubled. Instead of 27.8% for Wieckowski, 55.8% of the voters voted for him. By the same rule, Chan got 41.8%.

  8. Actually, I don’t think that’s mathematically correct. Each person gets 2 votes. You add all of the votes per candidate and divide by the total number of votes. It’s the same percentage. If we follow your logic, all of the totals would add up to 200%. Look at your math: Bob + Sue = 97.6% of the vote? I don’t think so.

    Suppose 100 people vote between 3 candidates: A, B, and C. Of those 100:

    50 vote for A and B
    50 Vote for A and C

    So A gets 100 total votes (100/200 = 50%)
    B gets 50 total votes (50/200 – 25%)
    C gets 50 total votes (50/200 – 25%)

    If we said A got 100 votes and 100 people voted, that would imply 100% — but we know that’s not true.

    No doubling is necessary to figure out the percentage of votes given to each candidate. You can see that the raw numbers give us 100% total.

  9. Maybe I’m not explaining it right. As of today, 47,800 people voted for mayor. Wieckowski has about 22,000, just less than 50% of the total voting for mayor.

    Historically, 100% of the voters vote for president, but only 90% vote in the mayor’s election and only 75% vote for council. So, of the total vote cast for council, about 39,000 +/-, Wieckowski was voted for on more than half the ballots cast in the council election.

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