Fremont Election Winners, non-winners and losers

Next week, I’ll find something else to write about: maybe some migratory bird sightings or a polka Video of the Week segment. But I’m still decompressing the election.


The Oakland A’s: Their main man, Bob Wasserman won for mayor; his main woman, Sue Chan, won for City Council, and the A’s didn’t spend a cent to make it happen.

The Mayor: Wasserman avenges his 1996 loss to Gus Morrison, and picks up another ally on the council. He’s not an arm-twister, but he does have two folks who will be inclined to agree with him most of the time. And, come December, he won’t have give any cross looks in outgoing Conuncilman Steve Cho’s direction.

The City Manager: Wasserman and Fred Diaz go back to Tracy together, and they often see things the same way. If Morrison  Cho had won, Diaz might have been updating his resume.

Bob Wieckowski: He’s the top vote-getter for City Council, and now he’s perfectly positioned to head off to Sacramento in two years to take over for his law office mate, Assemblyman AlbertoTorrico.

Kristi Yamaguchi: The Olympic gold medalist’s gal, Sue Chan, won for City Council and her parents’ picks for Washington Hospital also won. Wonder if she’d give it all away for a Mitt Romney victory in 2012.

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Nancy Farber: It was an uglier election fight than usual, but the Washington Hospital CEO still has a loyal board intact. And, this post is probably the last time you’ll hear about the movie “Life For Sale,” at least until Evelyn Li’s medical board hearing next year.

Sue Chan: Community connections trump the Democratic machine. Or at least for what passes in Fremont for a political machine. Spending more than 90k on a council race probably didn’t hurt either.

John Dutra: The former Assemblyman turned political sugar daddy went six for seven. Wasserman, Wieckowski and Chan on the council, Bonaccorsi and Cox on the Ohlone College Board and Gebhardt on the school board. The only miss was Desrie Campbell for school board.

Ohlone College: Bye bye Bob Brunton.


Citizens for Better Community: Is it a community service group or a political group? I don’t know, but the predominantly Chinese-American service organization sure does field a lot of candidates. This year it had mixed results. Sue Chan won for council and so did Lily Mei and Ivy Wu for school board. But Steve Cho lost for mayor, and David Sheen got creamed in the Ohlone College race.

Vinnie Bacon: Bacon nearly led the rump of the failed Measure K campaign to a seat the council. And, as the vote now stands, the guy with the talking dog is leading the gal with all the endorsements. Lift a leg for Vinnie.

Trisha Tahmasbi: If she stays in fourth place, Torrico’s trusted assistant is a loser. But if she can squeeze past Vinnie into third place after the provisional ballots are counted, she still could have a shot at getting appointed to the council if/when Wieckowski leaves.

Alberto Torrico: He won re-election to the state Assembly. He’s the most powerful state politician in town, but he isn’t powerful enough to help get relatively inexperienced candidates into elected office. First Sharlene Mansfield in 07, now Trisha Tahmasbi. At least he has a soft spot for underdog women. How about Wynn Grcich in 2010?


Republicans: There’s still Dave Smith and Scott Haggerty, and probably a few others, but the GOP is becoming MIA around here. The Fremont council now is all Democratic; so is Union City’s. Steve Cho lost, as did Bob Brunton. The hospital board’s Bill Nicholson was the only GOP’er to win in the Tri-City area on Tuesday.

Fremont Hotel Guests: Not only are they staying in Fremont, but when the new hotel tax goes into effect, they’ll be paying a couple more dollars to do it.

A’s haters: Morrison and Bacon were their best chances to deep-six the project. Still more hurdles to climb, though. The big box retailers in Pacific Commons still aren’t on board, and neither is NUMMI.

And now, the first of many:

Matt Artz


  1. The real losers are the Fremont residents who will find out soon once they step into City Hall and talk about any issue concerning their neighborhoods or City.
    It will be an unanimous 5-0 on any project proposal that will affect the residents. No dissent whatsoever.It is a waste of time going to City Council Meetings or Planning Commission Hearings. Developers and Burglars will have a field day in Fremont
    It is unbelievable that people voted for Bob W’s and Suzanne Chan. The same people should not complain if quality of life is affected in the near future.

    I wish Argus had done some objective reporting about the actual record of the incumbents serving on the City Council or Planning Commission. If Fremont electorate had been informed the decision should have been different. These days, newspapers and media became the lapdog for politicians. No wonder, They are losing their circulation and relevance.

  2. Also a loser:

    Johal, who will continue to face questions about his political ideology.

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