Fremont fines Cabrillo Park property owner

Fremont officials have fined James Hardwick $4,500 for not completing a mini-mart project at the corner of Thornton Avenue and Cabrillo Drive by last week’s stipulated deadline.

Hardwick now has 45 days to complete the project or face more fines. The property has been a bone of contention in the neighborhood for years.

The city fined Hardwick $500 a day from Oct. 26 through Nov. 3, when the two sides met and worked out the new deadline. Hardwicknow has a contractor on the job, so maybe it really will be completed within 45 days. I can think of a couple people in Cabrillo Park who aren’t holding their breath.

Matt Artz


  1. We live in Cabrillo. At first I thought Hardwick cared about Fremont. Now its looking like he only cares about himself. SHAME ON HIM!

  2. Katee, having been through it myself, I have sympathy for anybody who is going through something like that. I also know that the rest of the world keeps on turning, even when really bad things happen in your life.

    I can’t believe that I’m going to say anything good about City management (particularly given their recent misbehavior regarding the proposed stadium project), but lets think right and get real.

    This project has been taking FOREVER, and the City has given Hardwick more chances than I can recall them ever giving anybody. Now, on top of his health concerns, he’s stuck in the biggest economic downturn since the Great Depression.

    Nobody expects Hardwick to be out there pounding nails himself, but Cabrillo residents are right to expect to see some progress being made. It’s an eyesore and and what they call an attractive nuisance (although “attractive” seems like an odd word to use under these circumstances). Hardwick can’t help but know this.

    I hope he recovers well and gets a contractor who will get it done soon. If things go badly (and I sincerely hope that they do not), I hope the trustee of his estate will do the same.

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