Bowl to Fremont

Good news for Berkeley Bowl shoppers and people who think any developer is full of it when he dangles the prospect of a high-end supermarket in front of the Fremont officials.

The City Council will soon revisit a development proposal from Ray Tong, who earlier this year convinced the council to disregard a recommendation from city staff members and support a commercial center on Technology Drive off of Auto Mall Parkway, near the Fremont Boulevard intersection.

Tong wants the zoning to go from light industrial to neighborhood commercial, so he can build restaurants, retail shops, offices and a high end grocery store – modeled on the Berkeley landmark on the 8.7 acre site.

Noting that there isn’t really a surrounding neighborhood, city staff members said it was a bad idea that would cause unmitigatable traffic problems.

As a bit of a compromise, Tong agreed not to include medical offices in the plan. The planning commission gave it its blessing last month.

Not that it impacted the council’s earlier vote or its future vote on the revised project, but Tong is local, and he did contribute to several local candidates this year.

Matt Artz


  1. I LOVE the odea of a Berkeley Bowl in Fremont. I used to live two blocks from the Bowl. And I miss good healthy food option in Fremont. People are smart here. We have wanted this for a long time, but no one has been able to deliver. Can we really believe in this??? I hope so.
    I would help in any way I could if someone wanted it.

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