Lew Wolff talks about Fremont

From the AP:

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Oakland Athletics owner Lew Wolff remains optimistic about building a state-of-the-art ballpark in Fremont despite challenges and a shaky economic situation.

“I think we can get it done, but the frustration of the process sometimes gets to me,” Wolff said Monday at a regional luncheon of the Associated Press Sports Editors. “Right now we’re playing in a football stadium. It’s not good for baseball.”

In November 2006, the A’s unveiled plans to move south and build the long-awaited ballpark they hope would transform the small-market club into a bigger spender and a more popular choice for fans in the Bay Area.

“We’re getting close to receiving the first drafts of the environmental impact reports. We’ve run into lots of things, which every developer does in California,” said the Los Angeles-based Wolff, who has more than five decades of experience in the real estate business. “We have an election that just happened that is favorable to our getting to Fremont. We’re just following the process and we’re pretty much on the schedule.”

The fourth graph is interesting. It would be very unusual for the first drafts of an Environmental Impact Report to be released before a final project plan has been submitted, and input from the public and public agencies has been sought.

Matt Artz


  1. Well, you can Worble all you want about “No to the ballpark”, but the recent election was a pretty clear YES vote, for development in general, as well as the ballpark in particular.

    Voters were given very clear options for council members and mayor, who would have given more careful thought to existing development policies, and they voted very clearly for the status quo, so that’s very likely what we are going to get.

  2. Gorlash, you don’t understand. “No to the ballpark in Fremont” are the only words in English that Worble knows.

  3. NO TO THE BALLPARK IN FREMONT!!! Let the people vote on this project.

  4. I think Worble might actually be Vinnie Bacon’s dog. Whenever I look up the ip address, I get this strange image of what comments always come from, “Bacon, Bacon, Bacon.”


  5. Worble, Steve Cho wanted to put the ballpark on the ballot. Steve Cho ran for mayor. Steve Cho lost. I don’t agree with where we stand, but the people have spoken by choosing the candidate who is supporting the ballpark. Now let’s see if the economy has a vote.

  6. ( “when I look up the IP address” … ?!?!?! )
    (I’d better start hacking some neighbor’s wireless access before I post here!!)

    As for letting the people vote on the ballpark, methinks they already have (as Doug has also observed), so the additional ballot is probably not necessary.

  7. Actually, Mayor Wasserman got only 41% of vote. That means 59% of voters either do not want the Ball Park or want a Ball Park measure be placed on the Ballot. So, if all the needed requirements for Ball Park ie traffic, schools, existing business conditions are not addressed, look for a lot of people opposing the A’s Ball Park.


  9. Gorlash Says:

    “Voters were given very clear options for council members …”

    Actually, the lead vote getter for the Council race (Wieckowski) would not take a position on the A’s, saying that we need to get all of the data before making a decision. Does this mean that most Fremont voters think this way?

    While not trying to put down Bob Wi. or Bob Wa., I think the power of the incumbent is very important. A few days before the election I started asking people if they had made up their mind on the Council race. Most people said they had not even thought about it! Without doing their research, people tend to go with the incumbents. As Gus put it, it’s hard to unseat an incumbent unless they’re very unpopular.


    Sorry, our dog thought that the ball park would replace the dog park and was rather upset. I’ve straightened him out. 🙂 Seriously, how does an IP address sound like ‘bacon, bacon, bacon’?

  10. Just because you voted for a person does not mean that you support the ballpark in Fremont. Or does it mean that you agree with all of what that person supports. NO TO THE BALLPARK IN FREMONT!!!

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