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Click here, for the story I wrote in today’s paper about the A’s.

The big change to the site plan is that the team now have 2,500 parking spaces east of Interstate 880, which means building an expensive pedestrian bridge over the highway.

Other stuff:
The team plans to change more for parking in lots that are closer to the stadium.
It also plans to offer benefits for public transit riders and carpoolers (more than four people in a car), such as coupons for concessions at the ball game.

The most surprising assumption to me was that 12.3 percent of fans would use mass transit in 2015 and 26.3 would use mass transit in 2030.  The team has said that about 18 percent of fans take public transit to the Coliseum, which will be a lot closer to BART than Cisco Field.

The traffic Management Plan includes:
Directing ballpark traffic to use three highway interchanges: I-880 at Stevenson, Auto Mall and Fremont Boulevard
Separating traffic flows in to and out of the ball park and maximizing the use of right-hand turns
Sign boards alerting fans which parking lots aren’t filled
Specially timed traffic lights along Auto Mall Parkway, Cushing Parkway and Boyce Road corridors, as well as at the freeway interchanges.

Matt Artz


  1. I did a search of the A’s 2008 schedule in an attempt to determine how many home games were day games vs. night games. Heck, I couldn’t find starting times. I’m being lazy. Anybody got that data handy?

  2. The A’s told me that they plan to play all night games except for Sundays. I’m not sure how it will work since Thursdays are usually get-away days and day games so teams can get to the next venue for Friday games.

  3. A lot of the get away day games are done for player convenience. I think the Union rule stands in which either of the team has to travel more than 2 times zones, then that getaway game has to be in the day. I’ll assume that cuts about half of what the A’s projected back from the night to day games.

    I ran a quick survey and counted 23 day games, with 9 midweek games that could have been moved to night games. In addition about half the saturday games were night games, so you can assume a handful, meaning 9 Sunday games and 72 night games at the max. For many years, the Giants ran day games like the A’s, as many as possible, until they got to AT &T, then it’s mostly night games and I would think any of their midweek day games are to comply with Union rules. They’ve even run a couple of 3pm mid week starts to.

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