And a parting shot at Bob Brunton

With Bob Brunton losing re-election to the Ohlone College Board of Trustees, people can stop questioning whether he spends most of his time at his Fremont home or in Southern California, where he does a lot work.

But at Brunton’s final board meeting last week, Alan Kirshner, who is preisdent of Ohlone Faculty union, got in one last dig.

Kirshner, whose union has had its battles with Brunton, gave the following farewell to the Brunton and fellow departing trustee Trisha Tahmasbi:

“I would like to say we’re saddend for Trisha Leaving us,” Kirshner said. “And Bob, there’s not much I can say except good luck in Southern California.”

Brunton replied that he’s a Fremont resident, that he’s lived in Fremont for 20 years, and that he’ll still be attending meetings as a member of the public.

He later told me that he asked the Tri-City Voice about having a regular column.

Matt Artz

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