Bob Brunton’s parting shot

After Thanksgiving, I’m planning to write a bit of a retrospective on Bob Brunton’s 12-year tenure on the Ohlone Board.  It was a rocky road sometimes, and Brunton went out last week with one last dissent.

He cast the lone NO vote last week on a proposal to give Ohlone College Trustees a 5 percent raise. Sure enough, I didn’t even know it was on the agenda until I got an email over the weekend from someone with Argus ties. No worries though, Brunton called me on Monday to tell me all about it and make sure I knew how he voted.

Brunton said the college just didn’t have the extra money for raises and that it was setting a bad precedent to take a raise in tough times.

At first, I considered writing a story about it, especially in light of the board being a major reason the college is having accreditation problems. But then I did a little math (always a struggle for me) and realized that the five percent raise penciled out to an annual stipend of $3,493. The annual increase is less than $180.

With Life Cereal now going for $4 on sale, I  just can’t get write a story about a raise that is equivalent to about 45 boxes of Life. They do get good medical benefits, though.

Matt Artz