Fremont teen rocks

Not too long ago I wrote about Sejal Hathi, a Fremont teen who, at 15, founded an international nonprofit that aims to empower girls and women to become educated and self-reliant. Girls Helping Girls has reached thousands of girls in more than 15 countries and raised over $30,000 for computers, school supplies, scholarships and funding for start-up businesses.

Now 17, Hathi has been showered with numerous accolades, including the 2007 President’s Call to Service Award, as well as the MTV Teen Hero, Silicon Valley “It Girl” and Ellegirl.com’s Teen Hero titles.

Most recently, Hathi was featured on CNN’s “Young People Who Rock.” Check it out:

Linh Tat


  1. Interesting and illuminating sign of the times that Matt posts a very positive story about a motivated and obviously well educated young Fremont resident and nobody has anything to say; not so much as a “you go girl!”

    Come on Matt, give us more stories we can gripe about and call other names over.

    Enough of this positive stuff. We need negativity to thrive on.

  2. Hey,

    This is a good example of non-statist welfare…!

    NUFF SAID! 🙂

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