Hometown Heroes

Please help.

Since everyone loves happy, positive stories about wonderful, hard-working people, The Argus’ parent company and Comcast has started a program called Hometown Heroes. Every couple of weeks we feature someone who has really helped out their community.

Anyway, it looks like my turn to write one is going to arrive before the next round of layoffs, so I’ve got to get myself a story. If you know of anyone deserving, who would want to be interviewed by me, and have their answers broadcast for the whole world to see on public access television, please email me at martz@bayareanewsgroup.com.

If I get a lot of good ideas, I can write some as regular stories without the Comcast television crews around. If I don’t get any, I’m going to write nothing but posts about Minutemen rallies and public safety officer salaries until Christmas.

Also, that “Fremont Teen Rocks” blog entry about the superhuman Fremont teen was posted by our education/Union City/Sewer District reporter Linh Tat. You can usually tell a Linh post from one of mine by the lack of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

Matt Artz

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