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The man who fell 15-feet from the roof of Puppy Love Boutique is Omid Mehdavi, 28, of Hayward. He is conscious, but fractured his ribs, clavicle and skull. Blood was pouring out of his ears after he fell.

He can move his head a little right now, said the store’s co-owner and Mehdavi’s cousin-in-law Joey Kakar.

Police think that the burglar or burglars were familiar with both the store and the puppy industry. They took the most expensive breeds and knew exactly what dog food to take for the puppies as well.

Police are trying to track down persons of interest who had worked for the store and were familiar with the store’s construction.

Kakar said someone, possibly one of the animal rights protesters, left a voicemail at the store saying that Mehdavi got what he deserved. That would be sad.

Below is an unedited update story that will be in the paper tomorrow and online shortly:

FREMONT — Police on Friday were still trying to locate persons of interest in the burglary of a Fremontpuppy store, Sgt. Jeff Swadener said.

Based on what the burglars stole and how they gained entry, investigators suspect they had some ties to the store, he said.

Police have the names and telephone numbers of persons of interest, but haven’t been able to track them down, the sergeant said.

Meanwhile, the store’s co-owner, Omid Mehdavi, remains in critical condition at Eden Medical Centerafter falling through a skylight on the store’s roof Thursday morning. Mehdavi, 28, of Hayward, was showing an officer the spot from which he thought the burglars had entered during the previous night when he fell 15 feet through the skylight, the opening of which leads to the outside of the building.

Mehdavi, who is expected to survive, fractured his skull, clavicle and ribs, said his business partner and cousin-in-law, Joey Kakar, who witnessed the brutal fall onto the concrete outside the store.

“Blood was gushing out of his ears like an open faucet,” he said. “We took off our shirts and put them over his ears.”

The fall occurred about 10:30 a.m., some 90 minutes after police began investigating what is believed to be the city’s first major puppy heist, Detective Bill Veteran said. Burglars broke into the building, apparently through the skylight, and stole the dogs and their paperwork, Veteran said.

The dogs “ranged between 9 and 13 weeks (old) and sold for $650 to $1,100 each,” said Veteran, a spokesman for the police department.”

The burglars, who showed no signs of forcibly entering the store, stole the most expensive breeds, and took the correct dog food for each breed, Swadener said.

“Based on what we know so far, everything points to the fact that whoever did this had some inside knowledge into the business and the puppy industry,” he said.

Breeds stolen included poodles, Shih Tzus, St. Bernards, corgis and Dalmatians.

In all, 17 puppies were taken – nearly half the store’s supply, Kakar said.

Although the theft occurred at the same pet shop that has been the site of a protest for suspected links to puppy mills, police said there was no indication the theft was related to the protest.

Kakar said he thinks he knows who one of the robbers might be, but didn’t want to identify him publicly.

He added that the store has insurance and would remain open.

Kakar also questioned whether police should have allowed Mehdavi to go onto the roof with an officer. “Officers should do investigations by themselves,” he said.

Swadener said it is common for robbery victims to lead police around the property.

Mehdavi landed on his back and side, Kakar said. He visited his cousin-in-law at EdenFriday where, Kakar said, he was conscious, but struggled with simple movements. “He could shake his head ‘yes’ and ‘no’ a little bit, Kakar said. “He tried to open his eyes, but it was hard for him.”

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