Artz scooped by two bald guys

Some duo named Mattier and Ross are reporting that the A’s are going to talk to BART this week about an alternative ballpark site in Fremont adjacent to the Warm Springs BART station. Click here to read it.

Matt Artz


  1. After reading this story I went to Google Maps and flew over the area discussed. The most interesting thing I came away with is the size of the NUMMI plant; now that’s a chunk ‘o real estate! It dwarfs the 40 acre parcel being considered and has a super-size parking lot (hint, hint).

  2. Doug, are you suggesting NUMMI be re-tooled to manufacture a baseball team that wins games?

  3. Marty, maybe we need to think outside the box, or outside the ballpark.

  4. I like the idea. It’s an industrial area, close to 880 and that stretch of Fremont Blvd is underutilized anyway. And of course Warm Springs Bart.

    But, the homeowners on the other side of 680 will have a fit for the ages if this idea gains traction. And I’d kind of feel ’em on that.

  5. Matt, one of those bald guys was on KCBS this morning talking about the new A’s site.

    You could almost hear Matier’s leather jacket curl and bend as he rocked back and forth in his chair, motioning his own self-approval at the fine job he did scooping the story from you.

  6. Agree Marty. Between the ballpark lights and the announcers voice it may be a bit distracting to the nearby homeowners, especially when the wind is carrying sound their way. Great view for fireworks though.
    I grabbed a McAfee Coliseum screen capture and laid it over that 40-acre plot. Pretty tight. But it fits nicely on NUMMI’s gargantuan new car parking lot!
    Just a fallback plan if GM doesn’t get their money from Congress.

  7. “…has forced the A’s to put the rest of their “ballpark village” plan for 3,000 apartment and townhouses on ice.”

    Have the A’s officially announced this? Have they suspended activity on the EIR? Can I quit working on comments to the NOP due next week?

    Since I’m not the kind of person who says “I told you so”, I won’t, but last November (2007) I made a presentation to Niles Rotary in which the first slide was a Google Map image of the site near NUMMI which I suggested was the appropriate place to put a ballpark in Fremont, if one was to come here. I also told that directly to Keith Wolff when I met with him. I guess they did listen after all.

  8. Gus –

    The prospective NUMMI site makes a heck of a lot more sense . . if this development is going to happen, this location seems (at first glance) much more compelling.

    Let me be very clear – I’m a huge fan of looking at the Nummi site and my compliments to Mssrs. Wolfe for considering an obvious alternative.

    Now – if we can just figure out how to pay for incremental P.D., emergency responses and other infrastructure demands that will be resulting from this activity (and I dont mean those that occur only in the immediate vicinity of the proposed park).

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