Cho compares Fremont with Titanic

Steve Cho will probably be remembered as the councilman who attended every community meeting and listened to everyone with an opinion. But anyone who has listened to him at council meetings knows he doesn’t always have the smoothest way with words.

At the Argus, at least, his tendency to not exactly say what he was intending to became known as “Cho–isms,” and he left Fremont with one Tuesday on his final night on the council.

Saying that Fremont was maturing into a major city with real shopping and entertainment options, he also lamented that more was not done during his time in office to hastened that process.

“It’s like the titanic, you can’t turn it around in a day or two.”

Matt Artz


  1. Cho is a fool. Fremont will be better off now that he has left office. Don’t get me wrong, Fremont is a mess right now but Cho did nothing to make this city better. If the wind blows west you’ll find Cho there. If it blows east Cho will be there.

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