Fremont is not always Fremont.

There is a report on the Web site for one of our local television stations that mentions a man being arrested in Fremont on suspicion of rape in Mexico. What the report fails to mention is that this is Fremont, Neb. Yes, Nebraska, as in clear across the country. The report was not produced by said television station though, so it’s not their fault per se. It was written (or re-written) by a local wire service. Here is the original short story as printed in the Omaha World-Herald. Figured I’d let our good readers know what’s going on before they think we’re slippin’.



  1. What do you expect? You read an article in the Mercury News and four days later you read it in the Argus. The papers are cutting every expense. The paper is so thin I don’t see how they carrier can throw it. The circulation is down because they don’t go out to the field and ask questions, they just call the people on the phone and if they don’t answer they just say, “Mr. Smith didn’t answer out calls for comment.”

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