Fremont was split on gay marriage

I knew Fremont was more conservative than the rest of Alameda County, but I didn’t realize how much more conservative.

Proposition 8, the measure that defines marriage as only between a man and a woman was soundly defeated in the county with 232,923 in support and 378,692 against.

In Fremont, however, it was basically a tie, with 36,825 in support and 36,858 against.

Newark also narrowly opposed the proposition that outlaws same sex marriage, with 7,218 in support and 7,516 opposed.

Union City was the only city to support Prop. 8. It received 11,607 yes votes and 10,854 no votes.

Matt Artz


  1. i live in Newark. and am proud to say i voted against this stupid measure. People have a social and human right to be with anyone they want to be with… for a night or the rest of their lives.

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