Adult film actress in San Jose nightclub tonight

Lana Croft, an adult video actress is at a club in San Jose tonight. I mention this because the owner of that club ViViD, is seeking a permit to open sushi lounge club in Fremont. The City Council could have made it very difficult for her this week by passing a moratorium on new clubs, but they passed on that for now.

A majority of council members didn’t think the moratorium would be fair because the club’s owner had already put a lot of time and money into the project. Aside from the Saddle Rack, several of the clubs over the years have had problems, like Club Mangos.

ViViD has had some issues with the authorities. ABC is trying to revoke its license. Click here for a flier detailing tonight’s entertainment. It sure would make Fremont a less boring place. Vivid is also the name of an adult film company.

I wrote long story about the matter today, but it’s not online yet. I’ll link to it when it is.

Matt Artz


  1. Matt, I think it would be helpful to know that ABC is trying to revoke nearly all the licenses in San Jose and this is spurred on by the controversial public drunkenness arrest tactics by SJPD to chase out the nightclubs in the Entertainment District. I suggest you contact the owner of Vivid to get the whole picture. Thanks.

  2. Also, ViVid is San Jose has no association with the adult film company. I’m sure you know that the fact that Lana Croft, an adult video actress and also a model, was at ViVid doesn’t mean that there were adult film activities there. It was merely a marketing effort during these slow economic times.

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