MSJHS makes Top-100 schools list again … but slips in ranking

Fremont’s Mission San Jose High made the U.S. News & World Report’s list of top 100 public high schools in the country for the second year in a row, but it slipped 11 spots, to No. 60, this year. For the story, click here.

Here’s a bit of trivia: In 2007, MSJHS ranked 49th, a spot held this year by Great Neck South High School in New York. You may not realize it, but the East Coast campus has one very famous alum. Can you guess who that might be?

Answer: Fremont city reporter Matthew Artz graduated from Great Neck South High School some 15 years ago.

Linh Tat


  1. HaHa, Linh. You’re lucky you didn’t use an elephant seal photo. I would have gotten you written up for anti-semitism.

  2. What does this mean? Mission SJ isn’t churning out future Rhodes Scholars from a pool of special-ed students. They admit students from a families who take education seriously.

    This is more a ranking and description of the territory that Mission SJ is geographically located than teaching rigor than anything else.

  3. It’s both, Marty. Students know that MSJ has the toughest classes and regularly offer courses like AP Chemistry, which makes students competitive for good universities.

    It also doesn’t hurt that kids who hail from that attendance boundary have a decent leg-up.

  4. Has a lot to do with the preferential treatment they get. The board treats them as the favorite son. While Kennedy is just starting to catch-up with MVROP.
    Favoritism in HS List

  5. To step-child of FUSD.

    I don’t agree with you completely. The school facilities at MSJH are pathetic. They do not have decent athletic facilities and even in the main auditorium, the tiles seem to be falling off the ceiling. The School Band has to practice outside rain or shine. The allocation of funds for any school renovation by the FUSD was very low for so many years. Please do not rant that they get preferential treatment and that is the reason for their ranking. It is just the students, teachers and parents combined effort in making it a good school.

  6. I agree with Fremont Native…

    For a top 100 school in the USA…

    Mission San Jose High school facility is in horrible condition… Yes, tiles are falling there are buckets to collect water from drips… it is sad..

    I assume the administrators want to get some limelight from the kids’ acheivements. Therefore might be voicing their pride when given a chance. But talk to anyone at school and feeling of being a step child shows up.

    Further, it is sad what it says about USA/California

  7. How about the Atheltics? Badmitton and Tennis are great they have to make cuts but Football,Basketball, and Baseball can hardly feild a team sad.

    The Administrators are a JOKE and are on cruise control and riding the coat tales of kids that are in must part smarter than the people teaching them. They are all overpaid baby sitters go to Oakland scholl dist and earn your money!!!!!!!

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