Serious Blow to Oakland A’s Ballpark Village Plan in Fremont

ProLogis the company that owns the land on which the A’s have proposed building a new ballpark and housing and retail complex announced today that they oppose the A’s plan.

The real estate trust, which owns the adjacent Pacific Commons Shopping Center, has determined that putting a stadium so close center would harm the stores there.

Aidan Berry of ProLogis said that the company has performed independent studies and determined that the stadium would cause traffic and parking problems for the shopping center

The A’s and Cisco have options to lease and purchase the site, but opposition from ProLogis would make the deal a lot trickier and potentially more costly.

Matt Artz


  1. Take away the ballpark village portion of Lew Wolff’s dream by building just a stadium adjacent to a BART station and it sounds like McAfee Coliseum in the burbs; an isolated field in the burbs.
    Let’s see, would I rather build in the middle of a thriving city that already has mass transit with the possibility of building an adjacent shopping complex or in a field in the burbs?
    Maybe Mr. Wolff could approach all the nearby businesses in the industrial area near Warm Springs and Grimmer and buy them out. Wait, he tried that in Oakland. It’s déja vu all over again!

  2. Build and the money will come. In the Nummi plant shuts down with the “flux” situation we are in this project could be the biggest revenue producer for the city. Pacific Commons is a joke and is affraid of upsetting the regular customers. Why not fill those Restraunts at night? More traffic from out of town means more money in the pockets of the City and Buisness owners. This is why you get into buisness to make money correct?

  3. Wake up!!!!

    I dare anybody to list 5 valid reason’s not to have the ballpark. This is not Oakland and a slum area so do not use that a reason. We also already have crime so throw that out the window not a valid reason!!

    Please 5 reason’s

  4. OK, Smalls, I’m not sure what’s so magical about five reasons, but some off the top of my head:
    1. We are not Oakland YET and do not wish to become Oakland ever
    2. The traffic congestion in any area where you put this thing will be unGodly
    3. There are no provisions for providing required security on game days
    4. Fremont needs long-term, well-paying jobs with benefits, not the kind of low-wage seasonal jobs that this project would generate
    5. Let’s look at this in a “long ball” fashion – what does the city do twenty or thirty years down the road when this abomination becomes outdated and whoever’s using it moves out? What will we have then, the world’s biggest pidgeon roost?
    I’m sure a few more will come to me, but I’m a bit busy at the moment. Also, yes, you do get into business to make money, but also not to lose money to vandalisim, shoplifting, bad checks, fraudulent credit charges, and all of the other blessings that will increase if we let this thing into our town. It is precisely the desire to make money that brings Mr. Wolfe to our doorstep, and on the day when that stops, he will drop us like a bad habit.
    Oh, yeah – FYI, sports are the opiate of the masses, used to distract the easily amused from the serious challenges that our country is facing. Pay no attention to what’s happening in Washington, Iraq, Korea, Pakistan – just be sure to watch the playoffs!

  5. Fremont lifer you have some valid points I will give you that.

    1. We would only bacome OAkland if the community allows the city to go to hell. FPD is a joke.

    2. Traffic try and driving aroundPacifcCommons,Frys,or the Hub duribg Holiday shopping Should we cancel the Holidays or just deal with it? You deal with like we would have to do with the ball park.

    3. You make Provisions and put the Ball Park in charge if all security make them hire there own Police like Bart do not use FPD who would abuse tax payers like us for Overtime and try and milk as much money out of as possible and do nothing as always.

    Mr. Wolfe could be playing us like a game of chess to get what he really wants being San Jose. The same things were said when they wanted to build the Shark Tank and bring Hockey to San Jose that has worked very well. San Jose has had Vision and done some huge things we as a city need to step up to the plate.

  6. Smalls –

    So we ask Wolfe & Co to hire private security in and around the ballpark. But the ballpark attendees stagger onto the city streets after the game and fan out in short order as they seek their way home – soon enough they are beyond the ballpark perimeter and still within the confines of our city and – oops – there’s an accident at Walnut and Paseo Padre – and oops – there’s a fight on the BART platform and – oops – there’s someone relieving themselves behind the local supermarket . . . . these are all fantasy but, represent the kinds of real-world problems that will require OUR city resources to respond to.

    Who pays for these responses ? The restaraunteers that are serving dinners to a few dozens of clients that have stopped in for a bite before heading out ? I dont think so.

    Maybe there’s some convoluted way that some kind of “compensation’ is kicked into the city general fund – will it be sufficient to pay for these hypothetical responses ? Who will know ? Who, on the Fremont side of the negotiation, has the experience to forecast these kinds of needs ?

    Who within our city management team possesses an expertise that is on par with that of the Wolfe management team ? Such expertise will be necessary to negotiate a “balanced” deal for the taxpayers of Fremont.

    Others have made a great point – If You want to examine what kind of “neghbors” the Wolfe’s and the A’s will be – take a look at their current home.

  7. Bbox

    We ask the Wolfe to handle security and traffic control like the shorline and other venues. The lazy FPD who are so busy doing god knows what? will have to
    start working for a living,rather than writing tickets and and sleeping at night.

    Maybe you live in a bubble? Because all the things you described are happening right now all over town. There is accident at Blacow and Grimmer cal the FPD they will only respond if there is a injury!! Is that the Wolfes fault as well? Who is paying for that service?

    How much has the City paid out of pocket so far in dealing with this matter? According to Fred Diaz $0.00
    the Wolfes have covered everything so far and all you can do is knock them.

  8. Wow !

    If Smalls is a representative spokesperson for the pro-A’s faction – – – I think s/he has done an excellent job of emphasizing why the rest of us have a justified sense of concern.

  9. Dear Smalls –

    “We would only bacome OAkland if the community allows the city to go to hell”. We are both, we are all, “the community”. The segment of the community that agrees with my views believes that, by opposing the ballpark, we are working to prevent the city from “going to hell”. I know you feel differently.

    I’m picking up some sensitivity around the Fremont Police Department and, possibly, other authority figures. I’m not a huge fan of the police myself, although they are necessary. People get nervous when the police arrive, but they are relieved when the fire department shows up. Best to remember – police and fire are funded from the same sources and, unless you want to rescue yourself from a car wreck or depend on your friends and family to bring you back from a heart attack, we need to maintain adequate funding for emergency services.

    By the way, private security is worth every penny of the minimum wage that you pay for it. A venue that has the potential to draw crowds as large as they’re hoping to draw requires professional security. Our City deserves that much.

    I agree 100% with bbox231 – Fremont’s management team does not posess nearly the expertise required to negotiate on par with the A’s organization and major league baseball. So, I assume, we’re talking about the City hiring more expensive consultants to try to “do the deal”. Either that, or the City will just give them whatever they ask for.

    Surely you’re not naieve enough to believe everything Freddy Diaz tells you about who’s paying for what so far. This is the same guy that said the City was broke a while back until – surprise! – they found a spare few million they’d overlooked.

    Maybe San Jose does have vision. It’s not my vision. It’s not where I want to live. And, having been here for over 50 years, I know my opinion counts as much as yours.

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