Central Chevrolet

The Brunellis broke the news themselves this weekend in The Argus. The venerable Central Chevrolet is closing next month after 71 years. There had been rumors of this, but the family told me last month they were staying in business. They told their employees Dec. 8 that they would be closing the dealership and service station.

The auto body shop will stay in business.

Matt Artz


  1. I’m too bummed to even comment right now! What a loss to this community. One can not help but love the Brunelli family for everything they have given this community these past 71 years. God bless them in their future plans for their facility.

  2. This is a sad day for Fremont. The Brunelli family have been generous community partners for FUSD and Mission Valley ROP, just to mention a few groups who have received benefit from them. They have lead by example and have demonstrated a kind heart and positive spirit to help Fremont’s students.
    Central Chevrolet is a Fremont fixture! What a dismal reflection of the state of our economy.
    Thank you to the entire Brunelli family for all you have done for us.

  3. Where is the nearest chevy dealer in the Fremont area. What is the latest on the daeler proposed for Pacific Commons? I would think wirh GM in so much turmoil, that deal should be dead

  4. the Brunelli’s have been a huge part of my life since starting the first grade at Holy Spirit school back in 1966. My mother and Mrs. Brunelli were best friends until my mothers passing in 1988. My summers in high school were spent as the janitor at Central Chevy. Rich’s advise during my time at FBI organizing pancake breakfasts was invaluable. Simply the best family friends I could and will continue to have

  5. I agree, It’s a sad day for our community that a fine small business like Central Chevrolet is going out of business. Shame on General Motors for allowing a fine brand like Chevrolet go down the drain. I have owned four Chevy,Caprice Classics in my life and drove the XXXX out of each of them with no complaint. I can’t buy that car today–what happened? I wish the owners of Cental Chevrolet well, Thank you,

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