Fremont loses jobs, but gains a chain restaurant?

Western Digital, which has an office in Fremont across the street from Wal-Mart on Osgood is laying off 2,500 employees. Western Digital’s spokesman wouldn’t say the Fremont office is affected, but that’s a lot of layoffs.

Perhaps the pink-slipped in Warm Springs might want to drown their sorrows in some “Technicolor” martinis at the brand new Fuzios on Stevenson Boulevard, just a stone’s throw away from Argus headquarters. The chain started in Castro, and promisies “all kinds of experiences.” Sounds like a perfect complement to Fremont’s two Applebee’s, and, of course, Joey Basils.

Matt Artz


  1. too bad about the job losses at Western General however the real loss is that after 71 years in Fremont Central Chevrolet is closing it’s doors. I’m not sure how many business are left here in town that have had that longevity and the Brunelli family will be missed.

  2. Please spell “loses” correctly — it’s NOT “looses.”
    And “throw” is not spelled “through.” At least you got “complement” correct.

  3. Matt, the Two Applebees joke wasn’t funny the first time. Enough.

  4. Matt does not even live in Fremont. Who really cares what he thinks.

  5. DMS – thank you for the grammar corrections! God knows I’m not perfect, but you can hardly read anything anywhere anymore without cringing over the mis-spellings, screwy syntax, non-existant punctuation, lapses in logic, random capitalizations and other errors. Sometimes you can’t even tell for sure what the person is trying to say. Don’t they even teach English grammar in public schools anymore?

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