FUSD budget rumors

Apparently rumors have started to fly that the Fremont school district has a list of several schools it plans to close to deal with the budget shortfall. There’s also been some confusion that it would end the school year 25 days early.

Neither of those statements are true, Superintendent Milt Werner said at this week’s community budget meeting.

“We’re not closing schools today, nor are we talking seriously about closing schools,” he said.

As for the shortened academic year, he said a memo floating around (not sure where it originated from) suggested that if no cuts were made, school would have to end 25 days early. Werner said that was just an example used to illustrate the severity of the budget crisis, but it’s not really happening. (By law, students have to be in school for a certain number of hours each year.)

FUSD faces a $10.5 million deficit that could balloon to $21 million. The district’s Web site has info about its latest financial situation. Basically, in the coming months, the school board will consider all possible cuts, including increasing class sizes (which would also mean hiring fewer teachers next year), laying off counselors and media techs, and making changes to its transportation program.

The next community budget meeting will take place at 7 p.m. Jan. 15. The location is TBD.

Linh Tat