Rock Slide in Niles Canyon Road

Here’s something similar to what will run in the paper tomorrow: 

Rocks the size of basketballs slid into Niles Canyon early Friday morning, causing two collisions and snarling traffic between Fremont and Sunol for two hours, Fremont police said.

Authorities closed Niles Canyon Road from about 6:44 to 8:19 a.m. after rocks fell onto the roadway near Palomares Road.

A motorist driving a Kia Spectra ran into the rocks, and a Saturn Vue was also involved in an accident caused by the slide, Detective Bill Veteran said. Neither accident resulted in injuries, he added.

Caltrans workers removed the rocks by 7:30 a.m., Veteran said. Caltrans reopened the road at 8:19 a.m. after determining that it was safe for traffic.

There are on average a couple of rock slides every year on Niles Canyon Road, which winds its way between Mission Boulevard in Fremont to Sunol, Veteran said. Usually, authorities are able to turn vehicles around during the closures so motorists aren’t stuck waiting for the road to reopen, he added.

Matt Artz

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