Fremont projects and the state’s budget problems

My Colleague Wes Bowers wrote a story this week about Fremont projects that could lose funding due to state budget mess.

They are:

1) The Sabercat Creek Restoration Project, which was recently awarded $1.2 million in Proposition 50 funds from the California River Parkways Program.

The project includes creek and habitat restoration, improving public access by connecting two pedestrian access links under Paseo Padre Parkway, providing safety vehicle access, and repairing existing trails along Sabercat Creek.

Without the Proposition 50 grant, city staffers say Fremont would have had to close the trail because of the safety issues.

2) The Niles Boulevard Bridge Replacement Project, while the third is the city’s Bridge Repair Project, which would have made repairs and adjustments to the various bridges within the city.

Hughes said fortunately for Fremont these projects are still only in the design phase, so the state’s announcement to delay funding may not hurt construction schedules or costs.

However, he said funding for the Sabercat Creek project covers design, so that project may be halted until an agreement is made.

Matt Artz

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