Train to Pacific Commons no easy project

More from BART’s Blalock:

On the A’s initial plan for a train station to serve a ballpark at the Pacific Commons site, Blalock said it would be easier said than done. The proposed train site on a 40-acre city owned lot could potentially be served by ACE and Capital Corridor.

But Capitol Corridor has said they don’t have enough trains to help out, according to Blalock. As for ACE, for it to provide train service a whole bunch of new switches and  parallel tracks would have to be built, Blalock said. “It’s not a little spit in the river.”

Blalock still favors putting the stadium near Warm Springs BART, but said he was surprised just how fierce the opposition has been. Even one of his buddies in the Kiwanis Club is opposed.

Matt Artz


  1. As I stated in a recent post, take a look, via Google Maps, at any other MLB ball park and you will not find a stadium with single-family housing as close as what is being considered in Warm Springs.

    If we decide to live near train tracks or airport we do so knowingly (in most cases). If we wish not to be near a large public facility we make that decision consciously as well. To have a stadium plopped down so close to residential housing is unacceptable.

  2. it is unfair to the residents who choose to live in a quiet neighborhood. Someone likes to live in “ballpark village” is their choice. But Warm Springs and nearby residents definitely do not want the stadium.

  3. When you move into a neighborhood, you may expect it to never change, but that’s wishful thinking. Neighborhoods pretty much never stay the same. Those that don’t attract growth, stagnate. The hope is, of course, for smart growth, and many people think a stadium represents just that.

    Regarding freeway/transit access and nearness to homes, how do the Warm Springs and Automall sites compare to Candlestick?

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