Oven fire in Union City Filipino Restaurant

I didn’t get the name, but a Filipino Restaurant on Alvarado Boulevard in Union City must have a pretty sizable oven fire, because it’s all the talk on the scanner. Good thing I only eat Chinese food on Christmas.

Now, They just said it’s confined to the oven.
That means I’m going back to listening some of my favorite songs of the 80s on YouTube. Like this one …

Matt Artz


  1. The restaurant is Lechon Manila, a family-run business. The family has deep roots in the large Filipino-American community in Union City and Fremont. This was quite a tragedy as Christmas is their biggest day. Lechon is a roasted pig, a traditional food for Christmas. Untold numbers of Filipino families had pre-ordered their Lechon only to arrive on Christmas Day to see their beloved Lechon Manila in flames.

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