Water Rescue in Fremont

UPDATE: OK, I talked to Fremont Battalion Chief Rich Dickinson. He said that a 22-year-old man had paid his toll and was heading westbound toward the Dumbarton Bridge, when he made a right turn and drove full-speed off the bridge and into the Bay. He actually landed in a tidal pool 35 feet from the shore, so the water was only waist-deep and the car was only partially submerged.

An off-duty firefighter saw what happened, parked his car, and went into the water to see if the driver was OK, Dickinson said. However, the driver, who was inside the car gripping a screwdriver, wasn’t cooperative. So three Fremont firefighters went into the water after him. The driver stopped being difficult and was taken to an area hospital, Dickinson said.

The driver appeared to be either drunk or under the influence of some Drug, the battalion chief added. Firefighters think he was trying to kill himself.

There is no guard raid where the man drove off the road. It wasn’t far from the KGO Radio tower.

It appears that a car has driven into some kind of basin of water just south of the Dumbarton Bridge. Fremont authorities are readying their rescue boat. They’re staging the rescue operations from the the intersection of Paseo and Thornton.

Two people have gotten out of the car and are wading in the waist-deep water. Sounds like they’re damp, but ok

Our photographer is heading over there. I’m going to stay here and listen to my girl band of the early 80s.

Another video:

Matt Artz


  1. Matt Artz,

    I was reading through your “articles” and noticed your reporting skills are really heading out the window. What’s up with these videos you post after a “story” of yours? I don’t know if it’s suppose to be funny or what. You have good skills, use them wisely, these blogs are really becoming more like a kid center and these articles you call stories are written loosely than ever.

    Good luck though.

  2. This blog is not meant to be The Argus online. It offers Matt the opportunity to present a mix of soon-to-be-news and his personal comments, videos, etc.

    If I was stuck in an office on a very slow news day, which Christmas Day should be, I might be posting favorite girl bands of the ’80s videos too.

  3. I agree Doug, blogs are a new form of communication and not meant to have the strong editorial slant of traditional media. I personally appreciate and enjoy the humor and style of Matt’s writing skills.

  4. There are no rules for these things, though it appears that we have a range of expectations. I come here for the range of opinions more than the news, though it certainly wouldn’t happen without new stories to shout about and our court jester egging us on.

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