Two-alarm fire in Fremont

UPDATE #2 Turns out the fire was a big deal. It cost $1 million worth of damage to the building and its contents, which included racing fuel. The fuel didn’t ignite. More in Wednesday’s Argus.

UPDATE: The fire is out. No biggie.

It’s at a strip mall at Grimmer and Industrial. Our cops guy is heading out there. I’m here preparing the paper’s annual year in review two-part spectacular, and talking to blue star moms. They want to start a Fremont branch, and I want to have a story for this very slow week.

Last year, I met a bunch of blue star moms and their pals at a homecoming for a soldier who was coming home from Iraq. The only one I remembered is this woman. Her name is Roberta Allen and her contact lenses would make the perfect finishing touch to any Captain America costume.

Matt Artz


  1. The picture is kind of creepy, but if her name was really Robert Allen that would be more creepy. Her name is Roberta Allen according to the link.

    Maybe Fred08 should have worn those contact lenses during the debates. He might have had better luck. Mmmm, then again, probably not.

  2. Her name IS Roberta Allen. She has a great love for our country & shows it proudly. She goes to homecomings day or night for all branches of the military no matter where they are returning from as she knows that it is because of them we all have the Freedom to do the things we do. Thank you Roberta… my dear friend.

  3. Debbi, a brief explanation required. When Matt first posted the story he had a typo in her name and had left off the A in Roberta.

    What Roberta does is exceptional and truly worth honoring. I just find it difficult to look at red, white and blue eyeballs.

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