Big apartment buildings

There’s a new proposal for a big housing complex at State Street and Walnut Avenue. Originally this was supposed to be a really nice condo project for wealthy people whose presence was to help Fremont convince high-end retailers to open shop city’s center.

But no one’s building condos these days, so it’ll be apartments, at least for now And there will be a lot of them, if it’s ever built. The complex will consist of two, four-story buildings with a total of 301 apartments, a park and a small commercial space fronting Beacon Avenue.

It’ll have a pool, fitness area, and — like any new “downtown” transit-oriented development worth its salt — 502 parking spaces. The Planning Commission is tentatively scheduled to consider the project on Jan. 22.

Matt Artz


  1. The city has erected a sign on the site along Walnut announcing the planned development.

    Not exactly what I would consider “mixed use”, but another 300 apartments a block from Fremont Blvd. further negates the argument against a light rail line running the length of the boulevard.

    City planners cite the need for much higher density to justify consideration of this mode of public transit.

  2. Finally our dreams have come true A DOWNTOWN
    300 Apartments whooeeee.
    Do you ever get the feeling that our Mayor and City Council will do anything short term for the precious tax dollars.
    There vision does not extend past the present.
    Unfortunately we will have to live with it forever

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