Water Rescue in Fremont

UPDATE: OK, I talked to Fremont Battalion Chief Rich Dickinson. He said that a 22-year-old man had paid his toll and was heading westbound toward the Dumbarton Bridge, when he made a right turn and drove full-speed off the bridge and into the Bay. He actually landed in a tidal pool 35 feet from the shore, so the water was only waist-deep and the car was only partially submerged.

An off-duty firefighter saw what happened, parked his car, and went into the water to see if the driver was OK, Dickinson said. However, the driver, who was inside the car gripping a screwdriver, wasn’t cooperative. So three Fremont firefighters went into the water after him. The driver stopped being difficult and was taken to an area hospital, Dickinson said.

The driver appeared to be either drunk or under the influence of some Drug, the battalion chief added. Firefighters think he was trying to kill himself.

There is no guard raid where the man drove off the road. It wasn’t far from the KGO Radio tower.

It appears that a car has driven into some kind of basin of water just south of the Dumbarton Bridge. Fremont authorities are readying their rescue boat. They’re staging the rescue operations from the the intersection of Paseo and Thornton.

Two people have gotten out of the car and are wading in the waist-deep water. Sounds like they’re damp, but ok

Our photographer is heading over there. I’m going to stay here and listen to my girl band of the early 80s.

Another video:


Angry Burger King Customer

UPDATE The white guy is now between the Best Western and the Olive Garden, heading toward the Olive Garden. (He must really be craving lousy overpriced food) I’m told former New Haven Superintendent Pat Jaurequi used to eat there. She’s since moved back to the Central Valley.

A white guy in dark clothing seems to have gone into the Burger King on Mowry and threatened a worker. It looks like he thought his meal cost too much, according to what I’m hearing on the scanner.

Now he’s outside, and he’s walking to the Denny’s. (He won’t get a better deal there)
The police see him outside Denny’s.
Looks like that’s it.
Here’s another classic


Oven fire in Union City Filipino Restaurant

I didn’t get the name, but a Filipino Restaurant on Alvarado Boulevard in Union City must have a pretty sizable oven fire, because it’s all the talk on the scanner. Good thing I only eat Chinese food on Christmas.

Now, They just said it’s confined to the oven.
That means I’m going back to listening some of my favorite songs of the 80s on YouTube. Like this one …


meow, meow, meow

This is my third Argus Christmas. I should be writing some story about BART and getting the heck back to Berkeley, but I’ve got a thing for cats singing Christmas songs and no one looking over my shoulder.


Shooting in Union City

UPDATE: Shooting was at Dyer and Alvarado (The dreaded four corners) Still appears to be road rage. Still looks like no one got shot. Both parties to the dispute apparently left the scene.

There was a shooting in Union City this afternoon. Fremont police said it looked to be a road rage incident near the Fremont border. Cops from both cities are looking for two men in connection with the shooting.

It doesn’t look like anyone was actually shot.

We’ll have more in tomorrow’s paper.


BART Train of the Future

I got to hang out with BART Board President Tom Blalock today. He wished me a Merry Christmas, but not a happy half-birthday.

Little did I know BART is designing its next generation of trains. No one knows when they’ll be built, but when they put into service, they will most likely have three sets of doors instead of two. Easier to get in and out, Blalock said.

The new trains probably won’t have carpets, which are a pain to clean, but it looks like they will still have fabric sheets, much to Blalock’s dismay. He’d like to see BART cover its seats with a velcro liner so when someone soils them, a BART worker can just zip it off and put on a new one.

Makes sense to me.


Train to Pacific Commons no easy project

More from BART’s Blalock:

On the A’s initial plan for a train station to serve a ballpark at the Pacific Commons site, Blalock said it would be easier said than done. The proposed train site on a 40-acre city owned lot could potentially be served by ACE and Capital Corridor.

But Capitol Corridor has said they don’t have enough trains to help out, according to Blalock. As for ACE, for it to provide train service a whole bunch of new switches and  parallel tracks would have to be built, Blalock said. “It’s not a little spit in the river.”

Blalock still favors putting the stadium near Warm Springs BART, but said he was surprised just how fierce the opposition has been. Even one of his buddies in the Kiwanis Club is opposed.


Fremont projects and the state’s budget problems

My Colleague Wes Bowers wrote a story this week about Fremont projects that could lose funding due to state budget mess.

They are:

1) The Sabercat Creek Restoration Project, which was recently awarded $1.2 million in Proposition 50 funds from the California River Parkways Program.

The project includes creek and habitat restoration, improving public access by connecting two pedestrian access links under Paseo Padre Parkway, providing safety vehicle access, and repairing existing trails along Sabercat Creek.

Without the Proposition 50 grant, city staffers say Fremont would have had to close the trail because of the safety issues.

2) The Niles Boulevard Bridge Replacement Project, while the third is the city’s Bridge Repair Project, which would have made repairs and adjustments to the various bridges within the city.

Hughes said fortunately for Fremont these projects are still only in the design phase, so the state’s announcement to delay funding may not hurt construction schedules or costs.

However, he said funding for the Sabercat Creek project covers design, so that project may be halted until an agreement is made.