Not much drunken debauchery in Fremont

It doesn’t seem like Fremont police were too busy yesterday. The day’s top crime was a group of kids stealing a motorized chair from the Hub. An officer spotted them on Richmond Avenue. They ran away, but the cops caught them. One was taken into custody, the others were determined not to be directly involved. The chair apparently wasn’t so much a wheelchair as it was a chair for a really large person who’s too big to get around

The day’s number two crime occurred at Central Avenue and Farwell Drive. It was there that occupants in a Mazda MPV fired shots from an air soft gun at another car hitting a passenger. The victim called 911, and followed the Mazda to Newark. A Fremont sergeant spotted the car, pulled it over, detained the six occupants and recovered two air soft pistols from the car

Matt Artz

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