Fremont is most popular for new homebuyers in Bay Area

I stole this from the Bay Area Real Estate Blog:

ZipRealty also identified the most popular areas among the site’s top ten metro markets. For San Francisco Bay Area, the bedroom community of Fremont topped the list, while in Los Angeles, Santa Monica was most popular. Newton grabbed the top spot in Boston, and Irvine again made the list for Orange County. Here is the full list:

Most Popular Community Searches in Top Ten Metropolitan Areas
1. San Francisco – Fremont
2. Los Angeles – Santa Monica
3. Boston – Newton
4. Orange County – Irvine
5. San Diego – Chula Vista
6. Miami – Fort Lauderdale
7. Seattle – Bellevue
8. Dallas – Dallas
9. Chicago – Naperville
10. New York – Manhattan

Matt Artz


  1. One guess why Fremont tops the search list, high national ranking of local schools. It certainly isn’t because of our booming downtown. And, I don’t think it’s in anticipation of the possible ball park.

  2. Good school; close to work; nice neighborhood to live. These are usually the top priorities for the buyers. A stadium will scare away most potential buyers.

  3. I will love to live near the stadium. Too bad that I don’t live in Fremont. One day when the stadium is built, I will buy the house there.

  4. Maybe why the A’s want to come here? No we would rather build more homes for the rich and live like a bunch of yuppies rather than the real true American’s.

    The American dream is Dead and the new residents of Fremont are to blame.

  5. I live in Pleasanton (with higher rated schools) and I only looked in Fremont because of the potential ballpark.

    And, I am a true American.

  6. Looks like many pro-stadium people are not living in Fremont. But the fact is, most Fremont residents don’t want the stadium, especially the A’s now plan to delay the residential and retailer part. And many potential home buyers now are very concerned about the new stadium.

    But there are good news for Sandy and Jeffaugust too. You guys can easily move to Oakland Coliseum area now with very affordable housing price. Or better yet, Pleasanton is a also potential site for the A’s. You can lobby your city to move the A’s to Pleasanton. But since I’m an A’s fan, I still think the best location for the A’s is downtown San Jose. Go San JosA’s.

  7. Fremont’s Mission San Jose is the highest rated school in the SF Bay Area according to US News & World Report. In the past I believe Gunn and Lowell have been higher ranked than MSJHS.

  8. Hmm,,,didnt the NIMBYs take notice of the election? The pro-A’s stadium Candidates easily beat their opponents.
    The overwhelming majority of Fremont residents want the A’s here!
    And yes, I am a Fremont Voter,,,WHS Grad 1985 Baby!

  9. WarbleFly, I believe you get the fact wrong. Now I see overwhelming opposition from local residents after what happened last month. Lots of opponents are from north Fremont too.

    Please keep in mind Wasserman only get 42% of vote, and the combined vote of Cho and Morrison is 52% (32%+20%). Wasserman even mentioned he will only support the plan if the plan is good to Fremont (politician!). Both of the elected council members web site didn’t dare to mention the stadium as their top priority. And the A’s strategically keep quiet before the election. Now I wonder how many people will still support the stadium without the residential and retailer components (probably those got invited to the A’s closed door meetings).

  10. Overwhelming? Are you serious? And Cho would have supported the stadium to despite his political attempt to distance himself from the Mayor.
    Now Im not saying an opposition couldn’t become viable and I would welcome it, but so far all we have are a few NIMBYs, naysayers and Giants fans.

  11. A’s in Fremont will put the city “on the map” and generate tax dollars to bring a great down town and stores like Whole Foods. I grew up in Union City and went to Moreau High School in Hayard and find Fremont to be better than ever. Go Fremont A’s… don’t give up Wasserman.

  12. Fremont is already better than Union City, Hayward and Oakland. That’s why we chose to live in Fremont in the first place. Please don’t ruin it. BTW, I didn’t see a stadium near the Whole Food in Cupertino, or near Santana Row.

    Many of us are A’s fans and was kind of waiting for the stadium to happen, until we spent time to study the A’s plan. We found so many facts and evidences this stadium could bring Fremont into disaster and financial trouble. Is the cost worth the benefit?

    The Wolffs have lost a lot of money in real estate now. Do we want to sacrifice Fremont’s future to bail out the A’s? especially with the current economy downturn.

  13. [A’s in Fremont will put the city “on the map”]

    I have a map, and Fremont is already on it.

    Whatever gets decided for the stadium, I hope it will be done with a true cost/benefit analysis. Will it revitalize the area, like around the Giants stadium, or will the area stagnate, like around the Coliseum?

    If a stadium gets built here, how do we make sure it doesn’t create just another Coliseum-like wasteland?

  14. This the biggest project in the history of Fremont and the people that live in Fremont should get to vote on this project. NO TO THE BALLPARK IN FREMONT!!!!

  15. Warble, I respect your vigor, and personally I can live with or without a stadium. But if you are to infer that a Wasserman victory translates to Fremont giving a thumbs up to the Warm Springs site, you surely would have no problem allowing Fremont to vote on this.

    I agree with some of the sentiments from this blog: That if Fremont residents had any idea that Wolff had a chance in hell of building a stadium in Warm Springs, the city would have elected Morrison and Bacon.

  16. Absolutely,,I would welcome a vote! There is massive support for the A’s in town.

  17. Oh,,,with all due respect to our former Mayor, I seriously doubt Morrison would ever get reelected, regardless of the A’s or any other local politic.

  18. There is no way that Capt Kangroo (aka Morrison) would ever be re-elected he and Ball screwed up what was a great place too raise a family and make a living.

    why should we have a vote? We all knew where the people running for office sttod on this project and that is a big reason people voted for them or not we had a choice and we all made it. You voted for Capt Kangroo because he was aginst the A’s and he lossed and now you and he are SORE LOSERES SO SHUT UP OR MOVE!

  19. I could live with or without the A’s!! I have been here for 35 plus years without them. I also feel that it could bring alot of good to the City bring back some pride and something to be proud of, to have that special something that only a handful of citys across the United States and one in Canada have.

    A house for one of the American past time built in this city would be an honor. The way people are acting is typical of todays culture here in Fremont they never want to deal with traditon.

  20. Smalls, you make a compelling argument with graceful prose. But, my point is that the *warm springs* location wasn’t on the table. I don’t think anybody was aware that alternative sites were being considered -especially a site within shouting distance from one of our best neighborhoods. But, I do agree that the election was in a way a referendum on the auto mall site.

    BTW, Giambi is a sh*t pic. I’d be surprised if he has 200 at bats for .230 in 2009.

  21. Marty

    I sgree with you. I understand the problem with Warm Springs I really feel that Warm Springs is a bad location myself. I feel that the group of shop owners and Catellus group are having to much to say over something that could be so much more Tax money for the City.

    I only wish that the two parties rule out the Warm Springs location and have all the people aginst help support the Pacific Common area site just for the fact it would help all of in the long run.

    Giambi does Suck!!

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