Pothole cities?

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission today released a report ranking pavement conditions of local roads in the Bay Area. The average three-year pavement condition index (PCI) score for 2005-07 was 65 out of a possible 100 points.

Here’s how the various cities stacked up:

* Union City: score of 75

* Newark: 71

* Fremont: 68

Union City and Newark fell in the “good” range (70-79) while Fremont was in the “fair” range (60-69).

Newark was among the cities that saw its score plummet 4 points from last year. Only one other city, St. Helena, saw a greater decrease (-5).


image from Mark Griffith’s site at flickr.com

Linh Tat


  1. I wonder how these statistics break up within the different districts of Fremont? I recently drove through the Niles area and the main blvd and 2cnd street are scattered with tons of potholes.
    It also seems that the coordination of underground utilities never correlate with any good plan, in that a perfectly good street is often torn up by one utility or another and only the minimal amount is repaved.
    I get that we are in an economic nightmare budget-wise but hate to hear about all of the studies that the city undertakes that cost thousands upon thousands while the goods and services like roads suffer. I would give the historic Niles area a 28 out of 100 on the pavement ranking scale…

  2. From a “main street” perspective I think I agree with you. A trip through the main drag in any of the various townships would leave Niles with the worst report card as far as pot holes. I think all areas in Fremont are suffering and I wonder how the city Engineering group prioritizes repares or maintenance statistics.

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