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We’ll be doing a lot more routine cop stuff on the blog for the next month. These entries will probably have even more spelling and grammar issues than my usual posts.

There was a sort-of robbery of may favorite gas station (The ARCO at Stevenson and Blacow, thanks lifer) early Friday morning. Two  guys entered the AM/PM shop. One bought a 12-pack of beer. The other, who was sporting a ponytail, picked out some beer for himself, went to the register and asked for a pack of cigarettes as well as all the money from the safe and the register.

The clerk gave him the cigarettes, but nothing more. The guy’s buddy apologized for his friend’s behavior and offered to pay for the booze and smokes, but somehow he didn’t end up doing it. They left in a Chevy Suburban that had fender flares.

On Saturday,

A Mountain Mikes Pizza deliver driver was confronted at the corner of Grimmer and Paseo Padre by a guy who made like he had a gun. The deliver guy ended up losing a small amount of cash, and the robber fled on foot.

Also Saturday, four teens confronted someone and relieved him/her of his/her iPod. That was at Cloverleaf Bowl.

Around Nicolet Avenue and Pizarro Drive, a resident confronted a 30-something-year-old  guy who was trying to burglarize the victim’s parked car. The perp ran away.



At around 2 a.m. two police officers on patrol noticed that the fire alarm had sounded at Kennedy High School. They found a 17-year-old leaving the campus, while inside they found that eight fire extinguishers had been randomly sprayed and the locker room to the mini-gym had been ransacked. Police arrested the kid the found outside the campus for entering the building  with the intent to commit a felony.

A former gang task force officer now working patrol spotted a teenager that looked familiar to him walking on Mission View Drive. When the kid starting fiddling with something around his ankle, the officer ordered him to stop, but the kid took off. The officer chased after him and caught the kid as he was trying to climb someone’s fence on the 4000 block of Leslie Street. Turned out the kid had a Smith and Wesson 22 caliber revolver and 30 bullets inside a beef jerky container. The jerky teen was sent to Juvy on charges of felony possesion of a fire arm and resisting arrests. The charges come with gang enhancements.

Matt Artz


  1. Uh, Matt – want to share with us where your favorite AM/PM shop is located? It’s probably in Fremont, but that covers a lot of ground.

  2. it’s going to be easier on the cops in may when most of the knuckle heads will be confined to the water park

  3. If the residents of California had 2nd Amendment rights, as set forth in the United States Constitution, (the right to “keep” and “bear” arms) it sure would be a more respectful society!

    Citizens employed at gas stations/convenient stores should inquire with property owners to receive written permission to “keep” and “bear” their arms while at work, and while on the property.

    Criminals are more afraid of armed citizens than they are of the police. Plus, I’d rather confront a bad-guy with protection, not a telephone!

  4. Walter, serious criminals would skip the “your money or your life” bit and just take both without asking. You’d have a lot more shootings and dead innocent bystanders. Formerly small incidents would turn into bloodbaths. I don’t want to see the US turning into a war zone. A rising tide of violence sinks all ships.

  5. Jon, I am not a gun guy either, but the facts don’t support your statement.

  6. Walter – THIS is the reason why we can’t have everybody walking around with guns(from The Argus 1/5/09):

    “FREMONT — A 50-year-old father of three could face felony charges this week after he apparently fired several shots at a tree in his backyard early Sunday, creating a stir in the Northgate neighborhood and bringing at least a dozen police officers to the area, authorities said.

    Gregory Edward Anderson, of Fremont, is fortunate no one was harmed, police said. He was arrested on suspicion of willful negligent discharge of a firearm and child endangerment, and could be arraigned today at the Fremont Hall of Justice.

    At least six shots were fired at the tree with a 40-caliber Smith & Wesson handgun, but only two of the bullets were found in the trunk, said Fremont police Sgt. Chris Mazzone. A stray live round was found on the sidewalk near the man’s home, Mazzone said, reading from police reports.”

    There’s your “armed citizen”, Walter, endangering the lives of his neighbors and his own children, taking up the time of local officers because he lacks the sense to use a firearm responsibly.

  7. Jon Simon says, “Walter, serious criminals would skip the “your money or your life” bit and just take both without asking.”

    No Jon. Criminals would avoid a confrontation with an armed-citizen over an unarmed-citizen any day. Chances are, if a criminal who planned to do you harm knew that you were armed, or thought that there was a chance that you were armed, he would avoid you and the confrontation all together, and seek out another (less equipped) victim. This wouldn’t mean that everyone would need to carry a gun, or even that everyone would need to be armed at all times. The simple possibility that a few people may be among us who are armed, would prevent much of the person on person crime such as robberies, batteries, rape and others.

    Jon Simon then says, “Formerly small incidents would turn into bloodbaths. I don’t want to see the US turning into a war zone.”

    Just in case you didn’t know Jon, there are plenty (millions of times each year in the US) of “small incidents” that have firearms involved, and because of the firearm, a life is saved, not lost.

    This video may be able to shead some light…


    Fremont Lifer, I will be the first to admit that with any right, also comes responsibility. I’m not sure about all of the details, but Gregory Edward Anderson, may be someone who made a very bad choice that doesn’t deserve the “right” or “responsibility” to act like an adult, or own a gun. This is an unfortunate situation, however, Mr. Anderson is (or was) one out of many millions of other American firearm owners in the United States. Just because he may have done the wrong thing doesn’t mean that WE would have done the same…. Right? Considering all of the firearms in the United States, and all of the firearm owners, there is not very many crimes involving law-abiding citizens and legally owned firearms. This is because most firearm owners are responsible individuals. Take it for what it’s worth.

  8. Again, Fremont Lifer. Anecdotes aside, the facts don’t support your position.

  9. Here’s a couple more anecdotes:
    Dec. 25, 2009 – Iraq veteran held for trial in movie theater shooting

    On Christmas evening, Woffard Lomax Jr. was in a theater with his girlfriend and her three teenagers, laughing as they enjoyed The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Then came the shush.

    Words were exchanged. A second man pelted Lomax and one of the teens with popcorn. People stood and a brawl ensued.

    Lomax, recounting the exchange in court yesterday, said he was fighting with the man who told him to quiet down. Then the one who threw the popcorn pulled out a gun and fired, striking him in the left arm.

    Jan. 13,2009 – Shooting at Applebee’s injures 21-year-old man

    WATSONVILLE – One man was shot during a gang clash between two groups that had been dining separately at the Applebee’s restaurant on South Green Valley Road on Monday night.

    (People just have to learn to stay out of these dangerous places. That’s why you won’t find Matt A. in Applebee’s).

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