Tri-Cities aren’t too strict with tobacco

A report from the American Lung Association finds that Fremont, Newark and Union City are decent places for smokers and libertarians. But for people who want strict laws on public smoking, they’d be better off in Oakland and Berkeley, which have passed a bunch of them.

The anti-smoking group gives all three Tri-City area towns a “D” for protecting residents from second-hand smoke.

Click here to get the details and grades.

Matt Artz


  1. I tried to get the city parks department to put up a sign stating the current state law. Something like “No smoking within 25 feet of a playground.” Talking to Chuck Canada basically went nowhere. Last time I was at Lake Elizabeth, a moron stood smoking in the middle of the playground. Even the idiots with just enough sense to get away from the playground have the talent to stand upwind. I’d give Fremont an F on this. They, however, don’t give an F.

  2. Unfortunately Jon, the COF will not put up any kind of sign at Central Park that requires enforcement. The standard argument is they do not have sufficient personnel to handle it.

    I have attempted several times to have signage installed along or on the lake’s path reminding people to stay to the right. Can’t be done because of staffing levels.

    It will be interesting to see how the current staffing level handles things at the new water play facility.

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